On Saturday, Ian came back from our butchers (Fauns – good bones) with a bit of paper

Ozy and the winning fiver

This is the bit of paper what I won

torn out of a newspaper (something humans put in front of their faces and look at). This bit of paper was a horse. Now I know horses and they are not bits of paper – they are dirty great big animals that chase me round fields. Any rate, this bit of paper came 4th in some sort of running around a field game, and Ian gave in the bit of paper to the butchers and got another bit of paper (blue – can I see blue?) worth an 10th of a big bag of kibble. Unfortunately, this is not being used for kibble – it’s going into the fund for the blasted duck!

On Wednesday I was taken out in the car to Fyne Court and we did a really good walk around the woods and stuff although it was a bit rainy. Then on Thursday we went to Glastonbury – first to a pub called the Apple Tree what was really dog friendly (they gave me biscuits) and then a walk up the Tor (I think the National Trust should pay me something for all these mentions!) – but the best bit… Lynne bought me an ice cream – just for myself. It was a vanilla tub (I didn’t need the spoon) and took quite a bit of time to eat, but it was lovely – really lovely.

Back to the real world today. Lynne has gone off to a ‘social media workshop’ to see if she can understand how my Twitter account works (something to do with @ozythelabrador on their site). Then we have people in at the weekend – and you could come too – just speak to Ian or Lynne on 01278 732228 or see my page on the website (and the pages for humans) at The Old Cider House, 4* bed and breakfast guesthouse, Nether Stowey, Quantock Hills, Somerset


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