The Guesthouse at Easter


Ian has been on and on about how lovely the weather has been in the Quantocks and is forecast to be. Every day he has been out in the garden planting stuff – I on the other hand have been digging stuff up, something I don’t normally do – but it’s been a bit boring this week. In fact, I’m not a lover of this weather. Being black means two things – firstly, I absorb heat and therefore prefer the shade, and secondly, I probably won’t get a role as a family dog in Midsomer Murders!

Ozy the Guesthouse Dog, Nether Stowey

Ozy and the Golden Bowl!

Ian and Lynne are making a special Good Friday Dinner tonight for the guests, fish stew followed by Lent pie, Ian says Ian can have my own Lent pie, its like rice pudding but made with ground rice, sounds luvverly, almost as nice a custard.

I am finally getting to grips with my Twitter account ( Supposedly it is easy to follow me so please do. Whilst I appear to find it easy to get published, Ian is grumpy because the Daily Telegraph have failed to print his really funny letter about the Alternative Voting system he sent in earlier in the week – perhaps you’re not funny Ian – accept it and move on.

Some of our guests are really nice, especially the smaller ones – a few weeks ago, Brioney Redmond (aged eight) drew this picture of me. I’m not sure it does me justice – perhaps it wasn’t my best side or perhaps it’s the hat!

Come and join me at The Old Cider House, Bed and breakfast, Guesthouse, Nether Stowey, Quantock Hills, Somerset
We have a few late availability rooms for Easter – give Ian or Lynne a call on 01278 732228


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