Quantocks Birthday Boy

What a week!

Sunday – Uncle Biscuit arrived (Ian’s Brother). Uncle Biscuit is good. He spoils me and

Ozy The Labrador Easter Egg

My Easter Egg at The Old Cider House

brings Harvey the Basset Hound with him. Uncle Biscuit also has custard creams which are very good. As it was Easter Sunday, he also brought an Easter egg (chocolate and gluten free). What a day!

Monday – My birthday. Supposedly I’m eight. I got two cards (boring – not edible), a toy remote control (boring – not edible) and a hide chew in the shape of a ball (good – edible). We went to the Ancient Mariner (Nether Stowey) for lunch and Ian and Uncle Biscuit had quite a few beers. I slept under the table most of the time as it was very hot, watching Ian and Uncle Biscuit getting red. In the evening we had a barbeque and Ian made me my own beef burger with his new beef burger machine – good.

Tuesday – Uncle Biscuit’s birthday. Harvey and me went to Blue Anchor Bay (dog friendly beach). I had my ball what Uncle Biscuit threw in the water – although I am always worried that it might get taken away, so I hold onto the ball which sort of stops the game a bit. In the evening we went to Bicknoller (dog friendly pub) for dinner and then to the Rose and Crown (Nether Stowey) for more dog friendly drinks.

Wednesday – Ian had to go to a funeral so I was left with Lynne when Uncle Biscuit and Auntie Biscuit went to Street (Clarks Village) – boring, boring, boring. Harvey and I just hung out together and barked a lot. In the evening we went to the Cottage Inn for dinner.

Thursday – Ian came back from his funeral and had to deliver some beer drink to the Combe House Hotel (dog friendly) so we went in to the Plough in Holford for lunch. We did walking in the afternoon and then Ian and Uncle Biscuit went to the Bridgwater Arts Centre to deliver more beer for their beer festival.

Ozy Watching Royal Wedding at The Old Cider House

Ozy, Charles and Camilla

Friday – Royal Wedding day. I don’t do television – can’t see the point (or the colours). Lynne made me wear a red and white bandanna – it was boring and I snored through the ceremony. The best bit was when I got a Cross of St George chew – good.  Rose and Crown for lunch (chews and biscuits).

Now I’m up to date. See you next week.

Luv, Ozy

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