Nether Stowey May Fair

Ian got up at 6.00am – very early for him – I thought he might be going away (I don’t like that very much), but no, he was preparing for this thing called the May Fair.

The Old Cider House had a stall for the National Animal Welfare Trust and we were selling some home made jam, dog biscuits (very good) and promoting the new Dog Friendly Quantocks site. I was allowed out all day, but after roaming around the Village a few times I was chained – yes chained – to a dirty great bit of metal to slow me down. This has to be against the DEFRA code of practice – any animal rights lawyers out there who would represent me on a no win no biscuit arrangement?

Nether Stowey May Fair

Natasha who I am training

The weather was not too good and on one occasion the tenty thing we were using blew away (nearly causing me grievous harm), but on the whole we had a fun day, giving away MY biscuits and I got lots of strokes. At lunchtime we packed up the stall and went for something to eat (well Ian and Lynne did and ignored me – can anyone re-home me please as I am starved all the time). We went to the Rose and Crown where Ian met some of his mates for a beer. Natasha (a daughter of one of his quiz chums) also practiced looking after me as she wants to get a dog and I am supposedly a good role model! Unfortunately, this is when things started to go wrong. Dave (who had not been drinking all afternoon!) tried to feed me a biscuit by holding it in his mouth and I accidently bit his nose (see picture). I was mortified and thought that I might get reported to the police – but everybody else thought it was really funny.

Ozy Bites dave's nose

The Bite on Dave's Nose

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Time to go to bed now – Ian and Lynne say they have some rooms spare this week – so why not come to see me at The Old Cider House, bed and breakfast, guesthouse, Nether Stowey, Quantocks, Quantock Hills, Somerset


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