The Nether Stowey Highway Code

Now that I have got over the shame of being tied to a bit of metal I can start to rebuild my life. This week I was called upon to train a young Labrador Retriever – Rosie.

Rosie first came to see us here at The Old Cider House in Nether Stowey last year when she was a little puppy (in fact it was the first time she had stayed anywhere – including her new home). Now she is 9 months and a good looking girl. On Monday, Roger and Phoebe, the people wot look after Rosie, took me and Rosie on a long walk across the Quantocks to Crowcombe. I wasn’t quite sure what the etiquette was on a first ‘walking out together’ event so I decided to go for the amorous approach – not the best of moves, firstly because I’ve no idea what I’m doing and secondly I’ve had my bits chopped off!

Ozy and Rosie in the Quantocks

Sit, look left, look right, and left again, if all clear cross briskly

I did teach Rosie about road safety. Remember – stop at the kerb, look right, left and right again and if nothing is coming walk quickly across the road. I think the picture shows how good a teacher I am (notice I’m looking left to start with)!

I have also learnt a new trick this week – opening the kitchen composting bin and eating stuff out of it. This week I found some toast – TOAST!!! Who in their right mind would throw toast away? There was also the remains of a few breakfasts – lovely! I left the orange peel as too much fruit and vegetables makes you mad (so I hear).

Finally, the new washing machine arrived today. The old one sounded like a 747 Ian said. I have no idea what a 747 is although I think it is a bit like one of the ferries I go to France on wot goes in the air – sounds dangerous to me! So, I now have yet another job – putting the washing in the washing machine – this is getting ridiculous. I don’t get any more pay for doing this extra stuff. I have had a quick look at the National Minimum Biscuit Act and I should be on 5.93 biscuits an hour. Again any animal rights lawyers out there who could

Ozy fills the washing machine

More work for slave dogs!

represent me?


Come and see me – remember The Old Cider House, Bed and Breakfast Guesthouse, Nether Stowey, Quantocks Quantock Hills, Somerset is really dog friendly.


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