A few days away from Nether Stowey

Uncle Peter came to stay at the beginning of the week. Uncle Peter is Ian’s best friend and an accountant (someone that counts biscuits so I’m told). Uncle Peter has fingers like sausages (but not the sort you can eat – you must never eat bits of people – Dave’s nose was an accident – ALRIGHT!). However, Uncle Peter did not bring any treats with him. WHAT SORT OF UNCLE doesn’t bring treats? I am thinking very hard about whether I will put my pawmark on his birthday card next week.

Stowey Brewery Beer

Uncle Peter drinking Stowey Brewery mild

Uncle Peter likes beer (nearly as much as Ian). When Uncle Peter and Ian go to the pub, Lynne puts her head in her hands in despair. Any pub visit starts with Ian moaning to Uncle Peter about how much tax he has to pay. I don’t understand tax – something about taking a third of your kibble away and giving it to poor dogs that have not worked for three generations, smoke and watch Sky TV all day – or something like that. Uncle Peter then makes Ian drink loads of pints of beer until Ian has forgotten how awful life is. This is what happened on Tuesday and why Ian had such a hurty head on Wednesday – even drinking his own beer wot has no chemicals in it at all.

Dog Friendly Ozy the Labrador

Ozy in the Temz

On Wednesday Lynne, Ian and me went to Oxfordshire for a few days away on HOLIDAY. We stayed on the banks of the River Temz. The River Temz is great because you can go swimming every day. We did long walks and went to some nice pubs – although Lynne forgot my chews on Friday and I insisted on being bought packs of mini cheddars instead.

Now I am back in the Quantocks, and while I really like being on holiday – especially the swimming – it’s nice to walk in the hills. Remember, you can follow me on Twitter by clicking the twitter link here or on the right. You can also leave a comment by clicking the ‘leave a comment’ button below.

To stay with me contact The Old Cider House, Bed and Breakfast Guesthouse, Nether Stowey, Quantocks Quantock Hills, Somerset– remember, we’re really dog friendly.


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