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According to the Pet Food Manufacturers Association, I am THE most popular breed of dog. This doesn’t make me common – it makes me popular. I do, however, have a few comments on the next most popular dogs: (2nd) Border Collies – too clever by half and have ADHD – anyone can round up a few sheep, (3rd)  Jack Russells – small nippy dogs wot can run underneath you – beware of your bits, (4th) Yorkshire Terriers – a bit fluffy to be from Yorkshire and should look more like Geoff Boycott, be opinionated and go on and on about how good their county is and that everybody else has no idea about anything, (5th) German Shepherd – see comments about sheep above, (6th) Bischon Frise – I have no idea wot one of these is – Ian thought it might be some sort of strawberry dessert.

Jemma and her prize

Jemma with her winning Dog Friendly Quantocks prize


Now onto more important matters. I have just drawn the winning entry for our Dog Friendly Quantocks hamper. This was won by Jemma from Derbyshire and here’s a picture of her receiving her prize. Ian has asked my to remind you all about www.dog-friendly-quantocks.co.uk and would like to thank the Hood Arms, The Carew Arms and Hartnells B&B for signing up this week.

Quantocks Dog Walks

Couldn't find this on Amazon

Finally, Ian said he found this book on the internet – can’t see it’s very relevant to me!


Don’t forget – I always look forward to meeting new dogs (including ones wot are named after desserts) and you can contact me at The Old Cider House, Quantock Hills Somerset



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