Real Ale Walking in the Quantocks

I was going to say that nothing had happened since my midweek blog and then Glennys and Alan arrived and UNCLE BISCUIT (and Auntie Biscuit). Blinking Nora – how excited was I? – VERY. My tail hasn’t stopped wagging and I even gave up my afternoon kip.

On Thursday we went to the Carew Arms for dinner and Glennys couldn’t eat all her beef – so GUESS WHAT – I had beef and biscuits for breakfast – Smashing! This is what life is all about. On Friday we went to the Rose and Crown for lunch while Ian was picking up the World famous Des de Moor who is coming to stay with us for a couple of days. Des writes for CAMRA and is joining us for a Real Ale Walk. Friday evening we did a tasting of Stowey Brewery ales and we had a lovely meal in the Ancient Mariner (Steve cooks a mean steak).

Quantocks Pub Walk

A perfect day for a pub walk in the Quantocks

On Saturday we had 14 of us for a walk over the Quantocks to the Carew Arms for a sandwich lunch. I led the way of course. It was a really, really good walk. Dave the Nose (it was an accident!) came with us with Jon the Photographer and Iain and Jessica and Helen from the Rose and Crown and some other people. Apart from Dave the Nose’s boot falling apart it was a perfect day to see the Quantock Hills. In the evening Des, Ian, Lynne and me went to the Rose and Crown for dinner. To tell you the truth I was a bit tired but I still managed to beg for food and escape to wander round the bar (very dog friendly here).

Dave's Shoe

Dave the Nose's shoe - 20 years old - nothing lasts these days!

Well, that’s it for this week. Ian is taking the famous Des de Moor back to the station – you need to look out for his article in BEER magazine in November.

Luv Ozy

Remember you can come and visit me at The Old Cider House in the Quantocks


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