A week away from the Quantocks

I’ve been on holiday. I was taken to Cornwall. Cornwall is like Somerset but with more rain. I didn’t know we were going until Sunday morning after Ian had dropped off the famous Des de Moor, then we all got in the car and drove for a couple of hours to the Blisland Inn. This is one of Ian’s favourite pubs and well worth a visit if you are near Bodmin. Then we drove for a bit more until we got to our holiday cottage… and guess what? UNCLE BISCUIT was there as well as Auntie Biscuit and Glennys and Alan and barky Harvey. How did they know to come to the same place – they must be psychic! The cottage was on a farm – but best of all it was really near the sea. Ian asked me what I wanted to do on holiday. Here’s my list:

Ozy on beach

Ozy enjoying himself in the sand

  • Sunday – chasing ball along sand, swimming in sea
  • Monday – chasing ball along sand, swimming in sea
  • Tuesday – chasing ball along sand, swimming in sea
  • Wednesday – chasing ball along sand, swimming in sea
  • Thursday – chasing ball along sand, swimming in sea
  • Friday – chasing ball along sand, swimming in sea

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday lived up to my expectations. Ian and Lynne even took me on the beach when it was pouring down with rain. Wednesday was a bit of a disappointment as we went in the car to a place called Tintagel. This is where a bloke called King Arthur and Queen Aubergine (or something like that) lived. A bit run down if you ask me and I wasn’t allowed in Mervyn’s Cave for some reason that I never did get to the bottom of. And then it got even worse as everybody then went to a place call Fifteen which was run by a load of unemployed people and that bloke from the telly wot says ‘pukker’ a lot and whose book Ian got for Christmas and all the recipes take about a hundred times longer than they should. Needless to say me and barky Harvey wasn’t allowed in Fifteen. (*Ian said it was very good though).

Harvey the Basset Hound

Barky Harvey barking at me!

Thursday wos the best day. Uncle Biscuit and Alan went to hit little hard balls round a field with sticks, so Ian, Lynne and Auntie Biscuit and me and barky Harvey went on a long walk. I managed to catch a baby rabbit and eat it whole – SMASHING! Then I got some sardine heads at lunchtime and in the evening Ian gave me a bit of lobster. Now, I’d seen these animals alive earlier in the day and they looked a bit vicious to me and chased me round the fisherman’s shack. Ian said he wasn’t sure why the fisherman lived in a shack when Ian had to re-mortgage the house to pay for the lobsters!

All in all it wos a great week. Loads of swimming and running on the sand and treats and stuff. Ian says to remind all dog owners that The Old Cider House is a great place to break your journey when travelling down to Cornwall – well it’s back to the Quantocks this week. Never mind.



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