Quantocks Quiz Nights

On Tuesday it was Quiz Night at the Rose and Crown. It is not always Quiz Night on a Tuesday and you have to know what week it is. I find that looking out for the large composting bins (green) in the morning is the best way. If you see the black wheelie bins (general household waste) then this is the wrong day. Small waste food caddies, black and green paper/cardboard/foil/plastic containers go out every week and are therefore not a good indicator of when the Quiz Night is. For a really interesting video on how to sort your waste in Somerset see their smashing video (Stephen Spielberg eat your heart out!). Alternatively, follow me on Twitter for advice on Quiz Night dates and recycling days.

The Old Cider House

Albert Einstein’s brain woz the same size as other people’s!

Lynne had gone to Book Coven (boring women talking about books wot they have read) and so Ian and I went to the quiz on our own. Now, Ian going to pubs on his own is not usually allowed and I have worked out a formula for this:



Our quiz team consisted of Mark Sans  Sobriquet, Dave the Nose (see how nicely it’s healed) and Carpetman. Now, you wouldn’t believe how much noise comes from four grown men – not helped by the near fight over the name of the junior version of the Chopper (See Mr Lawrence’s website on the subject – Mr Lawrence, you need to get out more). Carpetman said it was the ‘Grifter’, Dave the Nose – ‘Chipper’. We wrote down ‘Grifter’. Dave the Nose had to be physically restrained when the answer was ‘Chipper’. Other than that we (meaning the team rather than me) came up with some inspired answers and won by half a point. We are going to invest our winnings in some National Lottery tickets. If there is no blog later this week you will know that we have won £160 million.

DAve Mayell

Dave the Nose's New Nose

Quiz nights are open to all and we always invite our guests to join us down at the pub. For a fun midweek break (and a chance to win £160 million) speak to Ian or Lynne at The Old Cider House, Nether Stowey, Quantocks, Quantock Hills, Somerset or call them on 01278 732228

P.S. Ian has just heard on the radio that it will not be possible to win £160 million – therefore we will have to have 14 ordinary tickets and win £2.1 million only.


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