Weighty News in Nether Stowey

Ian has been following the Rupert Murder and Rebeka Rooks stuff on the radio all week. I can’t say that I’ve been all that interested being that I don’t read a newspaper – in fact I don’t red anything. I once chewed a copy of Harry Potty when I was a puppy, but that’s it. Wot I do have to do though occasionally is carry these newspapers back from the paper shop. So this is my view on the National Sundays:

    • Sunday Times (1,200 grams) – This is a dirty great big paper and impossible to get in your jaws. I suggest that you leave half of it behind in the paper shop (Culture, Style, Travel, in Gear and Magazine) as these never get read.
    • Sunday Telegraph (870 grams) – Again too big to get in your jaws. Dump the ‘Cruising’ and ‘Doing Business in Azerbaijan’ inserts as these are just a waste of trees. Ian likes the Matt cartoon.
    • Mail on Sunday (840 grams) – if you ignore all the bits they make up, then you could reduce the weight to about 420 grams. See the ‘Femail’ section on their website today to get a feel for how lightweight this paper could be. Oh – and the big news… Charlotte Church has changed her hair colour!
    • The Observer (790 grams) – If you fold this right, you can just about get this in your mouth (get a papershop professional to help you with this). Interestingly they are carrying an advert for the New York Times on their website today!
    • Express on Sunday (540 grams) – This is more like it. If you took out pictures of the Middletons it would be even lighter.
    • The News of the World (350 grams) – Perfect weight, but leaves a nasty taste in the mouth!
Dogs at the Old Cider House

Poppy, Plum and Hattie - I wonder what the dogs are called?

        Getting back to the real world, we’ve had a lot of dog guests in this week and a couple of them posed for this photo. Ian is listening to Stuart (first left, back row) now on the

iplayer at 1 hour and 42 minutes where I get a MENTION!

Remember, get your owners to bring you to The Old Cider House, Nether Stowey, Quantock Hills, Quantocks, Somerset.

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