Working Dog Time Regulations

Ozy fencing in Nether Stowey

Look - they've even stuck a spirit level to my leg!

It’s happened again. I’ve been made to work more hours than are good for me. This time, Ian has got me building a fence (isn’t that from Abba’s ‘Winner Takes it All’?). This is ridiculous! As the average lifespan for a Labrador is 12.6 years and the average for a male human 77.7, then each dog hour is worth 6 human hours. This means I am working the equivalent of 54 hours a week. This offends against the Working Dog Time Regulations. This doesn’t take into account all the time that I am ‘on call’, job related training and working lunches. Ian says I’m a domestic servant in a private house and the Regulations don’t apply – CHEEK! I have asked for help previously on a ‘no win – no biscuit basis’ but without any luck. I have now been forced to sneakily borrow Ian’s law books and I think I have a claim.

Ozy the Lawyer

Law must be easy if a Labrador can do it - nice tie!

I have been asked by my good friend David Warner (he must know some animal care lawyers) at the National Animal Welfare Trust to support the Dogs Today, Don’t Cook Your Dog
Campaign. Us dogs get very hot in cars. However, I’m not sure that it’s a good idea getting
Antony Worrall Thompson to support this scheme cos I’ve seen him on telly and he cooks with some very funny things!

Instead of putting dogs in cars, you could walk into the Quantocks from Ian and Lynne’s dog friendly guesthouse. Dog friendly rooms available during the week (weekends a bit busy).

Don't cook dogs

Don't let Antony Worrall Thompson put you in a car!


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