A Riot in the Quantocks

David Warner (the CEO of the National Animal Welfare Trust), Misti (the crossbreed (posh for mongrel)) and me have been discussing the riots.

It appears that dogs in some inner city areas have become so disillusioned and disenfranchised (anybody any idea wot that means?) that they have taken to rioting the streets. This underdog class, have not worked for generations and live on handout kibble sponsored by liberal leftie polices over the past five decades. When they wos puppies they did not get taken to obedience classes and drift into gangs of dogs roaming the streets and terrorising local communities. For them it’s a dog eat dog world – no collars, no microchips and no responsibilities. And then, they get into riots, breaking into Dogs at Home and stealing high definition toys and mobile chews, wearing their collars over their heads to avoid detection!

And then there’s the Police Dogs. Five were injured over the riots – one (Obi) hit on the head with a brick!

Of course, in other countries, there are professional rioting dogs, for example in Greece where this one hasn’t missed a riot since 2008. Notice how even Greek rioting dogs wear collars!

I wasn’t allowed to go rioting, because I have responsible owners (so they say!) and instead I wos taken on holiday – FANTASTIC!

Ozy, The Old Cider House dog

Me wearing my holiday bandana sleeping on the bed - Naughty Ozy!

For three days I wos allowed to go on long walks, swimming and even got to sleep on the bed in the morning (wot is not normally allowed!). We had barbeques and Ian even let me have my own burger – SMASHING.

Back to normal now. Ian says we are quite busy this week with Holly and Cathy coming to see me. Remember, if you are a well behaved dog (and don’t jump on the beds – even if you are on holiday) then visit the dog friendly page on Ian & Lynne’s website and book.

See you soon,

Luv Ozy

The Old Cider House, Bed and Breakfast Accommodation, Nether Stowey, Quantock Hills, Quantocks, Somerset


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