Food Fit for a Dog

Wot an interesting week. After being away on holiday last week, I thought it woz going to be quiet this week – far from it.

Ozy the Labrador and Pizza

Me eating my own pizza - SMASHING!

On Saturday, David Warner came to stay. He is in charge of a charity for poor and orphaned animals; like dogs, but also cats and stuff. David brought Misti with him. I keep inviting her up to my basket, but she never takes the hint. Never mind. Then on Monday we had some funny Americans staying. One of the American ladies owned a pizza restaurant in New Hampshire (not the one I go through on the A303 I’ve been told, but a NEW one) and brought some pizza tee shirts with her for Ian and Lynne (nothing for me note). Ian then made full English breakfast pizzas on Tuesday morning for the guests. I think they were expecting a proper breakfast but didn’t seem to mind and haven’t put anything nasty on TripAdvisor yet. But the best thing – Ian made me my own kibble pizza. It woz SMASHING! In fact it woz so good that the pizza lady is thinking of making dog pizzas in New Hampshire. Perhaps they can have my name on them – ‘Ozy’s Dogs’ Breakfast Pizza’. It has a certain ring to it don’t you think? The lady’s restaurant is called Wolfe City.

Then we had Holly staying – her owners bought me a pack of Jumbones – SMASHING! I woz only allowed one, and have to save the other one for another day. And then today, Ian made sosage and sage scones for the dog guests wot stay with us. I’ve tried one and they are SMASHING! If anyone wants the recipe for these biscuits, here it is:

  • Sosages – these two fell on the floor at breakfast time. Ian called them ‘lollocks’ or something like that but I think that they are the ones that Ian gets from the butchers. You can use sosages that don’t come from our butchers if you want
  • Plane flower – Ian uses stuff from Sainsburys (handful)
  • Sage – green stuff from the garden all chopped up. You can use dried herbs from those little jars wot are always out of date.
  • Olive oil – this is the same stuff I have on my kibble
  • Water – from the tap

Put all the stuff in a bowl, adding the water a bit at a time until it forms a lump. Roll it out on a bored with sum flower until it is thin. Then use a round cutting thing from the drawer by the window. Put the round bits in the black cupboard with the green door wot gets very hot and then take the biscuits out when they are kooked.

So that’s it for today. If you want to try some of Ian’s sosage and sage biscuits, then call him on 01278 732228 at The Old Cider House, Dog Friendly Accommodation in the Quantocks

Luv, Ozy


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