A Week in the Life of a Quantocks’ Dog

Wot a busy week. I have spent loads of time collecting napkins, recycling and putting stuff in the washing machine. I probably need another holiday, or at least a treat and, guess wot I found in the Sunday Times – dog ice cream. Made by Nestlé, they are dairy free and contain loads of stuff that’s good for dogs. Having said this, I do like a nice tub of vanilla – takes ages to eat – SMASHING! This got me into looking at other papers to see if there woz anything interesting in them about dogs and I woz particularly taken with the bit in the Sunday Sport (not a paper I usually buy mind you) about the 91 year old pensioner who has been posting his letters in a dog poo bin for two years. Then there woz the bit in the Telegraph (27.08.11) from George W Bush’s memoirs wot said that Dick Cheney’s Labrador was banned from Camp David for biting Bush’s Scottie.

Ozy the Labrador Dog Poo Post

The man has dropped his case against the Post Office for losing his mail!

Ian and Lynne went to see Planet of the Apes at the cinema this week. Of course, I wozn’t allowed to go, because I’m a dog and I’m not sure Prezzos allow dogs either. Any way, this got me thinking that I could make a film called Planet of the Dogs along the same lines. This would be a film about dogs ruling the world; they would get their slave humans to feed them, take them for walks all the time, let them sleep on beds and stroke them AND throw balls and sticks. Ian said it seemed a bit far fetched but you never know…

Ian has been intolerable all week after getting ‘Best Gent in Show’ at the Nether Stowey Flower Show. This show is where the villagers show off their fruit and vegetables and cooking skills. Ian got a first for his bread and potatoes and a raft of other prizes. Mind you he didn’t have a very big marrow. Something that Lynne’s been saying for quite a while!

Nether Stowey Village Show

Fatty Ian getting his prize and doing too much smiling!

Well back to the misery that is being a B&B dog. Lynne said to remind you all that we have plenty of room available mid week, and you could even take advantage of one of our midweek breaks.

Luv, Ozy
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