Ozy’s Annual Appraisal

I have just had my annual employment appraisal. Personally I think these things are a waste of time, but Ian says they are really important from an employment law point of view.

Annual Performance Appraisal

Employee Name:
Ozy the Labrador
House Dog and Walk Leader

Part A (to be completed before appraisal) Discussion points:

1. Has the past year been? Good, Bad, Satisfactory?
I think that this woz a good year and I have satisfactorily achieved the goals set in last year’s appraisal. I have met most of my targets.
2. What have been your most important achievements?
I have learned a new walk and how to put pillow slips in the washing machine.
3. Training and CPD (Canine Professional Development)
I have used my new dog challenge puzzle and can complete this in about a minute.
4. What part of the job do you find most interesting and least interesting?
I like doing napkins and tablecloths but do not like the hoover.

Part B – Objectives and Achievements (to be completed with appraiser)

1. Have last year’s objectives been met?
Last year I agreed to learn more tasks and I think I have done well in this. I have kept up with my blog.
Ozy has done very well, he is very helpful around the house and picks up things with ease.
2. Leadership skills?

I learned a new walk for Real Ale Walks and can remember all the old walks as well
The Oatley Vineyard walk was well run with Ozy leading all the way.
3. Customer/guest interface skills?
I like greeting both the human and doggy guests
This is a continuing issue with Ozy. Barking when the doorbell rings can be off putting as can be smelling bottoms. But on the whole well adequately undertaken.
4. Time management skills and attendance?
I tend to do thing immediately with enthusiasm
Could do with prioritising tasks. Occasionally forgets to bring down toilet rolls for recycling. Only one day off due to bad back.
5. Personal appearance and image?
I think I am very handsome.
Guests do not appreciate meeting Ozy after he has rolled in poo!

Part C – Training

I wuld like to do more blogging this year and perhaps do some of my own typing.
I have recommended Ozy attend a basic Microsoft Wurd for Dogs and Paw-a-point course

Part D – Objectives for 2012

1. Learn more tricks to entertain guests
2. Keep up blog and tweeting
3. Consider a position paying more than the National Minimum Biscuit Rate


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