Somerset Beer and Pasties

After my staff appraisal last week I was on a bit of a downer (see Annual Appraisal blog) and I thought that it was going to be a quiet week, but on Sunday I woz taken away to see a friend of Ian’s (Steve) in a place called Nailsea. This woz a bit confusing as it didn’t have any nails and wozn’t near the sea. The lady-friend of Steve woz having a barbeque and I like barbeques (loads of meat to eat). Steve and Ian are good at drinking and the more they drink the more food falls on the floor – SMASHING. We even stayed overnight. I’m not sure that Steve’s lady-friend quite understood that black Labradors and white carpets are the perfect combination – however, it gives the Dyson a good workout!

Ian woz away for most of the week helping poor people in London wot have lost their jobs, so I woz in charge of the house (with Lynne). Being in charge is very important and I made sure that I woz up very early to see that the business guests had a good ‘breakfast experience’ and their napkins were taken away promptly and professionally. In addition, if they had any problem with eating all their breakfast, I woz on hand to help them clear their plates so that they didn’t get told off by Lynne for leaving anything.

Ian and Ozy and Beer

Me looking handsome with Ian drinking his own beer.

And then on Saturday we went in the car to Minehead. Minehead is a place on the seaside (I like the seaside), but the reason we went there woz because Ian had his Stowey Brewery ale on at the Minehead Beer Festival – ‘Nether a Prayer’ a 5.3% Belgian Trappist style ale. It woz really good (and I’m not usually a Belgian Trappist beer lover). But the best bit – Lynne bought me my very own Cornish Pasty (YES – a whole one for me!!!) Guess what? It woz SMASHING.

Ozy the Labrador

Me with my very own pasty!

Time to sleep off my pasty. If you want to go to the seaside with your owners, we are really near the sea (as long as you have a car and are rich enough to afford the petrol). If you are a poor person wot has lost their job – or even a rich person wot employs people who wants to get rid of poor (or rubbish) people, then get hold of Ian*.

Luv, Ozy The Old Cider House, Guesthouse and B & B, Nether Stowey, Quantock Hills, Quantocks, Somerset

* Do I get any commission for all this advertising – I’m sure I didn’t dictate these bits!


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