Nether Stowey Employment Prospects

Lynne has just opened the post and guess wot, it woz my insurance. Now, I have no idea wot insurance is – but I have a suspicion that it is betting on me being ill or hurting myself. Ian says I am not worth £25 a month and that if I get hurt I will just have to limp at bit. THANKS IAN! This again offends against the Canine Rights Act and I WILL be making a claim. I wonder if one of those people wot advertise on the television in the afternoons would be willing to represent me. I quite like the ones between ‘Cash in the Kennel’ and ‘Countbone’. I DO NOT however, like those little animals wot stand on their back legs and pretend to have a foreign accent. If they came into my garden I’d ‘ave ’em – SIMPLES!

I applied for a job this week with Dave the Paunch. I saw it advertised on Twitter – Position: Digital Creative. I’m not sure wot ‘Digital Creative’ is but it can’t be more difficult than putting stuff in the woshing machine – can it? D the P runs a company that makes you buy stuff on the internet wot you do not know you want to buy (or need). However, I have just read on his Twitter account that he’s thinking of having the cat put down (what ever that is). Assuming that this is something to do with ‘termination of employment’ May I remind D the P that the procedure is as follows under the Employment Act 2002 (Pet Resolution) Regulations 2004 . There is a three stage process (assuming standard procedure applies): (1) Set out in writing and send to the cat the grounds for the termination, (2) Invite the cat to a meeting to discuss the termination (allowing the cat to be accompanied by another cat or pet), (3) Allow the cat to appeal any decision made. Ian is better at explaining this than I am and you can find his details at the Amicus website

Dog Friendly Accommodation in the Quantocks

Wot a lot of dogs!

We’ve had a very dog friendly week here with four dogs at one time – I kept out of the way as some of them woz Collies (bit mad if you ask me). Nice picture though.

On Thursday, 15 September it was only 100 days to Christmas. I like Christmas and I shall be doing a special Christmas blog and Tweet – like the Queen. Hopefully I will not have one of those anus horribilis’s. Ian says that you can come to stay with me at Christmas (and New Year) and has done a little video (I star in it!).

See you soon, Luv OZY


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One Response to Nether Stowey Employment Prospects

  1. Dave Harrison says:

    The cat’s contract remains unterminated although we are in discussion over some form of gardening leave.

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