France 2011

C’est mon premier blog pendant deux semaines car j’ai été en vacances en France – FANTASTIQUE.

J’ai su que nous partions par ce que Ian nettoyait la voiture. Je me suis réveillé très tôt pour a prendre un ferry a Poole. Je n’aime pas des ferrie. Ferries sont bruyants et grands.

Nous sommes arrivés en France et avons conduit au Loire. Le Loire est un grand fleuve au milieu de la France. J’aime nager. Ian aime buvant du vin. Nous sommes restés en gite et, oncle et tante Biscuit de Glennys, Alan y avait il – STUPÉFIANT.

Visit to La Closerie Saint Martin

A picture of Fado wot I took in France

Je suis allé marcher et nager dans les fleuves. Nous visited des amis au Chinon. Ils est un chabre d’hote – La Closerie Saint-Martin. Ils ont un chien appelé Fado. Vous pouvez visite aussi.

J’ai aimé aller aux restaurants. – J’ai pris la langoustine, la pâté de fois gras, le bifteck et la crème Anglais – MAGNIFIQUES. Je n’ai pas aimées ; le ferry, les longs voyages de voiture et aller à la clinique vétérinaire pour le l’examen devant retour de l’Angleterre.

…and for those whose French is not as good as wot mine is… (Ian helped me translate and his French isn’t very good either!):

This is my first blog for two weeks as I have been on holiday in France – FANTASTIC.

I knew that we were going away as Ian cleaned the car – something that does not happen very often! I therefore, made sure that I was in the car whenever it was open and slept in it for three days before the trip. We got up very early to catch a ferry from Poole. I am not keen on going on ferries, they are noisy and move about a lot. However, it is only a two hour journey and I managed to sleep.

Then we were in France and drove to a place called the Loire. This is a big river in the middle of France. I was interested in going swimming. Ian was more interested in drinking the wine. We stayed in a cottage called a gite and guess what, Glennys, Alan and Uncle and Auntie Biscuit were there… AND Barky Harvey – HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? This was not a coincidence and had been planned I later learned.Dog friendly walking holidays

France was very hot and Ian and Lynne thought it was lovely. I thought it could have been cooler as I am black and furry. However, we did lots of walks in the forests and I was able to run and swim in the rivers.

Me leading a walk with Lynne lagging behind

We also met some friends in a place called Chinon. They run a chamber d’hote – La Closerie Saint-Martin. They have a dog called Fado. He was a duck eating Retreiver (or something like that). He is very lucky as I’m not allowed to eat ducks any more. Their place is really nice – give them a call if you want to visit.

The best bits of the holiday were; going to restaurants – I had lobster, pate de foie gras, steak and crème anglais – SMASHING. The swimming was very good and I liked the walks. The things I did not like were; the ferry, long car journeys and going to the vets for my return to England examination.

Well back to the real world (although the weather has been really nice).

Luv, OzyThe Old Cider House, Nether Stowey, Quantocks, Quantock Hills, Somerset


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