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Lynne is away so Ian is supposed to be looking after me. So far ‘looking after me’ has involved a couple of miles walk a bit of dinner and Ian wading his way through a bottle of Rioja this evening. However, this appeared to be a really good time to plant my idea for a new website for dogs.

As you are probably aware, this week saw the introduction of new rules for solicitors and barristers and stuff. It’s call ABS (Alternative Business Something or other) and means humans wot are not solicitors can set up law firms (actually not quite right as the Solicitors Regulation Authority have not quite got their heads around it yet). This is called Tesco Law (they are really good at insuring me so they have got to be good at being lawyers as well haven’t they?). So I thought, “I am not a solicitor” so why not set up my own legal advice practice?


The ticket Ian woz going to throw away but I got out of the bin and woz worth a pound

After Ian had finished his Rioja I suggested that if I used the money that I won on the Grand National (horses running around a field game – £5) and the £1 that I won with my PG Tips ‘Brew it Right’ competition and he lent me £4 against my pocket money, I could set up a website for dogs wot have been unfairly treated. Luckily the Rioja was 14% and Ian agreed to this so I’ve set up and the first thing I’ve put on it is the National Minimum Biscuit Rate Act stuff as the rate has gone up to 6.08 biscuits per hour – GREAT.

I’ve already drafted the Dogquality Act 2010 and loads of other stuff that dogs reeely need to know. I just need to work out how to log on to the Majestic Wine website to keep Ian in Spanish reds for the next few months.

Me posing for the official website - click here for details

If you want personal dog legal advice come and see me at The Old Cider House, Nether Stowey, Quantocks, Quantock Hills, Somerset

Luv, Ozy


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