Surprise break from the Quantocks

I thought it woz going to be a quiet week as there woz nothing in the diary. We had five brewers in over the weekend to make beer on one of Ian’s Brewery Workshops. I quite like these as there is usually some spent malt left around and this is nice (even if it does make my poo look like a cereal bar). Having brewers around means that we go off to the pub a lot and Ian and I like pubs. I have a suspicion that Ian likes pubs a bit too much so it is my job to get him home in one piece. This counts as ‘working hours’ under the Working Dog Time Regulations and Ian has promised to write this up for me for my new site

Ozy the Labrador

Lynne and me at the place where the French Woman's Lieutenant woz filmed

On Wednesday we had no guests staying so Ian suggested we went away overnight and did some walking. So, as soon as the guests had left after breakfast we jumped in the car and went to Charmouth. This is the seaside! We walked along the coast to a place called Lyme Regis. Dinosaurs lived here. Dinosaurs were like very big dogs wot lived a long time ago and they were more dangerous than horses. Luckily there were no dinosaurs there anymore, but as I woz still a bit nervous Lynne bought me an ice cream in a tub – SMASHING. It was clotted cream flavour.

I told you I didn't want an early call!

We then went in the car to Branscombe – this was also on the seaside. We stayed in a hotel (Ian paid the £5 for me – a bit of a swizz if you as me as I had to take my own bedding and sleep on the floor), and did good walks including a midnight walk to the coast where we saw fire flies! Then on Thursday I went swimming in the sea – it woz rough but really fun.

Next week I am doing a special blog to help poor dogs wot have been abandoned by their nasty owners. This will involve a ‘virtual kennel’ (whatever this is) and I’m sure it will be fun and if you log onto my blog and do the stuff I tell you to do then Pedigree, the people wot make dog food (and stuff for cats and other animals), will give loads of money to animal shelters. My friend David is doing something to help at the National Animal Welfare Trust place for lost dogs in Watford on Saturday, 15 October.

Pedigree Adoption Drive

So until next week… remember that you can come and see me at The Old Cider House, Nether Stowey, Quantocks, Quantock Hills, Dog Friendly Accommodation, B and B.


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