Pedigree Adoption Drive

This is a special blog to help a very worthy cause. Last year some 120,000 dogs were abandoned (wot is terrible!) and 7,500 (20 a day) had to be put down (wot is really sad!). So Pedigree Pet Foods are going to donate £100,000 from their own money to give to the people wot look after these dogs. They are also urging people to adopt a dog. Unfortunately, I’m already taken, so you’ll have to have another type of dog – perhaps one a bit like Ripley (I think he might be an actor dog paid to look cute!)

Click on me to take me for a walk

Wot you need to do is take Ripley for a walk by clicking on his picture to the left. This will bring up a video and at the end of it you need to click on the lead. This will then take you to a number of sites. Four icons in an arc will appear click on the first one and let Ripley do his stuff. When he reappears click on the yellow’continue with your virtual walk’ on the bottom right of your screen.

Follow the campaign on Twitter by clicking here

Finally, I think this is a different Ripley, played by Sigourney Weaver, than wot gets attacked by monsters in the Alien series of films.

Whether you are adopted or not, you will enjoy visiting The Old Cider House in the  Quantock Hills (2008 Kennel Club Accommodation Winner).


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