Ozy’s Been on a Course

Ian has been in London to do a course. All lawyers are have to do more learning every year to keep them clever. This is called Continuing Professional Development. I asked Ian if I could do some CPD (Clever Pedigree Dog) training, and he said yes. So I have been on a course.

The first bit woz about basic stuff – the ‘picking the low hanging kibble’ stage of the course – like walking to heel, sitting, laying down and putting your paws in the air and pretending to shake hands. This was easy, although I do not like walking to heel when I am on a lead. Then it was morning break and an opportunity to network with the other attendees over a bowl of water and Winalot shape. I practiced my D2D (dog to dog) skills and woz pleased about the number of bottoms I managed to sniff over 20 minutes.


This is the presentation wot I did on social media and blogs for dogs

The second session was ‘Updates in Canine Behaviour in Social Situations’ where we discussed wot is acceptable behaviour in various circumstances and dynamic environments. Some of the other dogs did not socialise as much as me and weren’t used to going out to pubs and stuff. So I led the group in our ‘breakout session’ and told them about how to sit under the table quietly whilst keeping an eye open for anyone eating and how to spot the landlord and know where the biscuits were kept. Remember, that you need to use your time and skills efficiently and ensure that your ROI (return on investment) is fully maximised. It also helps to do a bit of ‘out of the biscuit tin thinking’ in order to get as many treats as possible.

At lunch we could stretch our legs which woz a relief as it gets quite stuffy at these events. I had a good run and a wee – a bit like Paula Radcliffe.

Then it woz the afternoon session. I feel really sorry for those presenting the graveyard slot and this session woz on tick treatments and worming and the synergy with vets’ practices (really boring). I have to admit that I dozed off a few times. I hope I didn’t snore.

The last session woz an interactive workshop on ‘Dog Blogs and Social Media’. This woz the real reason for going on the course and I learned a lot. I could see how content streamlining would benefit my blog, creating a sustainable and value added, information rich resource for other dogs with blogs to allow them to hit the ground running. We woz split into groups (me, Barney, Zak and Sadie) and I even gave my group’s conclusions at the plenary session using a ‘PawaPoint’ presentation at the end.

All in all a very good day. I gave Ian the free pen and memory stick from the sponsors, but kept the stress ball to play with later.

I am now running dog social media courses from home. For more information contact me at The Old Cider House, Dog Friendly B&B, Nether Stowey, Quantocks, Quantock Hills, Somerset


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