Halloween Week in Nether Stowey

Wot a busy week. Ian woz cooking one of his Somerset Tasting menus on Saturday so he woz in the kitchen all day preparing the ten courses for the guests eating in. I usually like to be on hand just in case he drops anything that needs clearing up or needs me to taste something (which I do for free – not claiming the National Minimum Biscuit Rate). After he had made the caramelised onion tarts there woz a bit of pastry left over and Ian made me my very own pastry cat to eat – SMASHING (see below). Note: if you are from Environmental Health, remember this is a pretend blog and dogs are NEVER allowed in the kitchen!

The pastry cat Ian made for me

On Sunday I dictated my newest law for www.law4dogs.co.uk. This one was on the Dogquality Act 2010 and makes sure that all dogs are treated equal even if they are Basset Hounds or Chows. Some people have said that I have too much time on my paws. However, I only write stuff when there is nothing better to do, or I can’t get to sleep because my head is full of ideas. Ian types them up for me when he is on the train and or is pretending to listen to clients and taking notes and stuff.

Monday woz Halloween. Not quite sure wot this is, but the doorbell rang a lot. Dave the Paunch (who may need a bit more vitamin D) knocked on the window to say he woz going down the pub and would I like to join him, so I put on my scary Igor costume and went for a quick chew at the Rose and Crown. I woz also at the Rose and Crown for the quiz on Tuesday. We came 4th – mainly because Ian couldn’t take part in the picture round (as he had supplied the pictures) and Lynne woz absolute rubbish – it woz on horror films and me and Lynne don’t like those.

Me pretending to be a monster - Grrrrgh!

I am still asking people to take that blasted dog, Ripley, for a virtual walk. To tell you the truth he is being a bit of a pain in the bottom wanting to go out all the time and barking and stuff, but each time you take him for a walk Pedigree Petfoods give £1 to a poor homeless dog (like those wot are living in tents at St Paws Cathedral). Go on one last effort.

Don’t forget that you can come and see me for free legal advice at The Old Cider House, Quantocks, Quantock Hills, Somerset. We’re really dog friendly here.

Luv, Ozy


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