Media and Politics in the Quantocks

I have been immortalised, both in print and paint.

The painting of me

Last month I had my portrait painted by a very famous local artist called David Jones. He duz abstract paintings of things and one of the things wot he painted woz me! I’m not sure about the parting in my head but he’s caught my eye! Then in this December’s Country Walking Magazine – guess wot – I’m in there as well (second time, although last time you could only see my bottom). I’m thinking of selling my PR skills to any dog wot wants to get better known – contact me at to talk exposure.

My picture in Country Walking Magazine this month

Ian has also been in the ‘media’ and has been insufferable since his ‘so called’ claim to fame – being on BBC Radio Somerset (again). This time he woz talking about electric bikes. BIKES wot use are those? Supposedly, you can hire an electric bike from Ian and visit the Quantocks. Wot’s wrong with walking? To listen to Ian click in the box below.

Now – more serious matters. Wot is happening in Europe? It started with George Papillondreou saying he will only borrow money for chews if the Greek dogs vote in a rufferendum, then he said there wouldn’t be a rufferendum, then he formed a Collieition – wot is that man on? Then there woz Silvio Borzoiconi. He is mad as a bucketful of Jack Russells. Cavorting with 17 year old Pomeranians and stuff. Why can’t people be more like that nice Mr Obama – black, slick, putting in place social kibble schemes – oh and completely ineffectual – just like a Labrador!

So, if you want to talk dogatics (or learn new PR skills), then come and stay with me at The Old Cider House, Dog Friendly Accommodation, Quantocks, Quantock Hills Somerset


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One Response to Media and Politics in the Quantocks

  1. Hey Ozy -loving your work and thanks for the cuddles last night. There is a good photo of us getting it on in the Rose on Helen’s Facebook page. Hope the boss enjoyed his burger with Dave the Paunch at lunchtime today. Woof woof – Dave the Porch

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