Recognition for a Nether Stowey Dog

It’s Friday night and I’ve had such an exciting week that I hardly have the energy to dictate my blog – not that Ian’s been around much to type it – no, he’s been enjoying himself in Bristol reliving his prog rock days by watching YES. I must admit I can’t really get to grips with them myself. All there songs are about an hour long and are all weird. The only thing that interested me woz that Rick Wakeman used to eat a takeaway curry during his keyboard solos. Worse that that, Ian went to Bristol with Uncle Biscuit. I hear that the local Chamber of Commerce have noted that bar takings were up significantly over the 24 hour period. Oh and by the way, Ian says that when he books a twin room at the Mitchell Lane Travelodge he expects to stay there and not at another Travelodge without a twin room! (next time stay at a niz B&B is wot I say).

While Ian and Uncle Biscuit have been drinking Bristol dry, Auntie Biscuit and Lynne have been taking me out all over the place – even to Taunton – wot is a big place with really rubbish traffic management!

Me keeping my ears warm with my new bandanna - Someone re-home me PLEASE!

Now onto more important stuff. I’ve been RECOGNISED. Not like people know who I am, but I have got awards! First the niz people at Pedigree sent me a tag to say thank you for helping take that blasted dog, Ripley, out all the time (and making others do it as well). I am tag number 87. (I am not a number though, I am a free dog! Although I do keep having this dream where dirty great big balls keep chasing me). Then I woz sent a bandanna from Country Walking Magazine as a prize for having my photo in their publication. I have been wearing the bandanna down the pub to show how clever I am.

Unfortunately, even though I am clever, Ian is an IDIOT. Two quizzes this week – came second in both. RUBBISH.

Nether Stowey Quiz Team

Jon the Photographer, Dave the Nose and Mark Sans Sobriquet losing

Now, I’m not sure wot is going on, but I keep getting requests to comment on the Euro crises. I even got one request to explain double entry book-keeping (which I am working on). I think I’ve said enough about the PIIGS and I’m not sure who Angular Turtle or Mr Sarcastic are, so I’ve nothing more to say. I have, however, been working on some more laws and hope to dictate to Ian my Transfer of Unwanted Puppies Etc. Regulations (TUPE) next week.

Until then all I need to do is remind you that if you are dog and want to come on an all
inclusive Christmas (or New Year) break then let me know.

Also, if you ever want to comment on one of my blogs write stuff in the ‘Leave a Reply’ box below. I’ll post them all – especially if they’re rude about Ian.


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