Transfer of Unwanted Puppies Etc. Regulations 2006 (TUPE)

It’s been a quiet week in Nether Stowey. Ian has been away in London and I have been left to look after Lynne and the house. So, rather than just sleep all day I dictated my latest law and have sent it by e-mail to Ian so that he can type it up on the train.

Ian is always on about TUPE – The Transfer of Undersomethingorother (Protection of Employment) Regulations, and how no one understands it. So, I waded my way through his Butterworths and I thought that this would make a good law to Caninise. I have followed all of the same European Council Rules as the human law, so this should guarantee that it will be incomprehensible, unworkable and prompt loads of legal cases. I have called my law The Transfer of Unwanted Puppies Etc. Regulations 2006 (TUPE) and while the only dogs wot really need to read it are Staffordshire Bull Terriers, other dogs would benefit from understanding wot happens when you have to move home. Click here to go to my site and read the new Regulations.

I was also sent a video of a naughty dog called ‘Jesus Christ Fenton’. According to Ian this video has gone ‘virus’ on the internet and it woz in the papers and stuff. Unfortunately, it duz not give Labradors a very gud name.

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Transfer of unwanted Puppies Etc. Regulations (TUPE) 2006


The Kennel of Parliament makes the following regulations in exercise of the powers granted by the European Canines Act 1972 in relation to the rights and obligations relating to the transfer of unwanted puppies (and other dogs) between various undertakings.


In these Regulations:

“Puppy” means Dogs less than one year old

“Etc.” means any other Dog of whatever age

“Transfer” means moving from one location or owner to another


A relevant transfer

1.1    These Regulations shall apply to any transfer of an unwanted Puppy or other Dog (hereinafter known generically as “Dog”) where:

1.1.1    the owner is unable to look after the Dog due to ill health, because they are old (or dead) or other family circumstances (like they have split up or something), or

1.1.2    the owner is really nasty and should not be allowed to look after a Dog (bad owner, bad), or

1.1.3    the Dog is a bit wayward and would be better looked after by someone else, or

1.1.4    the Dog is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and no one likes them anymore.

1.2    These Regulations shall apply at the time of the Transfer meaning the time that the lead is put on and the Dog moved to a new location or owner.

1.3    A Transfer shall take place between:

1.3.1    Any Dog in a private residence and transferred to:    Another private residence, or    A rescue home (and subsequently rehomed, known as a reassignment), or    Local authority care (and subsequently transferred to a rescue home or subsequently rehomed, also known as a reassignment)

shall be able to take advantage of these Regulations


2.1    All the rights and liabilities of the Dog shall transfer to the new owner. Unfortunately, this may include loads of bad habits like sitting on the sofa, sleeping on the bed or biting postmen. These should be curtailed – unless, of course, your new owner allows the Dog on the sofa or bed. Please note that biting postmen should never be allowed.

2.2    All property of the Dog will transfer. This will include bedding, toys, bowls, half eaten chews etc.

2.3    In the absence of any property transferring, the new owners shall provide such bedding, toys, bowls and new chews etc. as required.

2.4    The new owner shall not be able to vary the food provided to the Dog, unless the food before was really rubbish in which case it may be upgraded. Kibble is good, especially with a bit of gravy or olive oil on it.


3.1    Any Dog transferring must be treated really nicely as they have probably had a bit of a hard time.

3.2    Nice biscuits and treats should be provided unless the Dog is a bit porky and needs to slim down a bit.


4.1    The Dog transferring should be told what is happening in language appropriate to his or her breed. This means for example:

4.1.1    Labradors should be told “You are being transferred to a new home because your previous owner is no longer able to look after you. Good boy (or girl).”

4.1.2    Bischon Frises should be told “Go. New home. Stay” with appropriate sign language.

4.2    Where a dog is to be transferred to a new private home, the members of that home should be informed that a new dog is arriving and to treat it really well.

4.3    Other pets within the transferee household should try and be understanding unless the other pet is a cat whereby the expression ‘understanding’ means nothing and they will do exactly as they want.


5.1    A Dog cannot be forced to transfer to another private residence and may object by barking a lot.

5.2    A Dog may not object to a transfer where that transfer is to a rescue home or local authority.


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