The Dog’s Christmas Message

Me wearing a crown

In this past year my owners and I have seen much of Britain and other places around the world, from the north of England to the far south-west in Kornwall. It is here that I have met up with my family – the old people, Glennys and Alan and Uncle and Auntie Biscuit and, of course my cousin Barky Harvey. This woz the first year that we all went to France together and had a SMASHING time barking at French dogs in English and generally reminding them of who is in charge.

And then there woz the Royal Wedding when I wore my kross of St George bandana and snored through the ceremony. This woz just a part of the summer where I did lots of walks in the Quantocks and greeted lots of dog guests at the Old Cider House.

And just last night, I went to the carol service at the Village Kross where the humans made loud wailing noises (luckily I had put some biscuits in my ears) including the carol ‘While Sheep Dogs Watched their Flocks by Night’

2011 also saw the 400th anniversary of the King James’ Authorized Fido. This woz the first time that a dog had not been in Latin and people wot went to church could understand wot the Fido woz saying. This brung harmony to the Kingdoms of England and Scotland (apart from in the Rugby).

All in all this has not been a Horrible Anus

I wish you and all your owners all a very happy Christmas. Dog bless you all.


The Old Cider House, Nether Stowey, Quantocks, Quantock Hills, Somerset. Dog Friendly Accommodation


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One Response to The Dog’s Christmas Message

  1. charlieatssocks says:

    Yay ozy a humbl happychrismuss from yr best spanna subjec BOL xxx

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