Thank you from Ozy

Ian sez I must do my thank you letters before I forget who sent me wot. Ian has written out wot I should sey and I have to go over the words in my best paw writing.

Dear [Put in name – like Auntie Biscuit].

Thank you very much for my Christmas present I liked it very much. [say what you got]

I also got some Bakers meaty Twists, Pedigree Rodeo, Meaty Sticks, Good Boy Dog Teasers, some Lamb and Mint Pet Bakery Biscuits and Wagg Biscuits. I also got a round hide chew with stuff in it.

Then there woz stuff that you can’t eat; 3 Tennis Balls, my Pedigree flashing tag (from my advent calendar) and a rabbit with a long tail. Glennys bought me a new travelling bed and collar. Uncle Roger gave me a calendar with Labradors on it and Barky Harvey had made a calendar with his own pictures on it – AND some of me. He always woz a bit narcissistic! Oh, and someone thort it would be reely funny to buy me one of those fake tongues – HA, blinking Ha!

This is not funny - it's degrading!

It woz a very good Christmas and I was allowed to sleep with Barky Harvey in Uncle Biscuit’s room – right by the drawer with the custard creams in it – SMASHING.

There were a few things I didn’t like – mainly things that went bang – crackers and champagne mainly. Ian recorded Dr Who so I didn’t have to hide behind the sofa for that.

I have put on about a stone over the past week and Lynne sez I must go on a diet (she also sed that fatty Ian needs to go on a diet as well and that he can’t have anything to drink in January – he will probably die!)

I am now working on my New Year resolutions.

Have a gud New Year,

Luv, Ozy

The Old Cider House, Nether Stowey, Quantocks, Quantock Hills, Somerset, Dog Friendly Accommodation


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