Lent in Nether Stowey

People keep asking me wot I am giving up for Lent. Firstly, I have no idea wot Lent is. I vaguely remember being given a flat thing a couple of Tuesday’s ago wot I ate in one gulp, but apart from that, nothing. This was Shove Tuesday followed by Bash Wednesday – all sounds a bit violent to me – or I may have misheard.

It seems that people give things up at this time. Ian, for instance, has given up listening to the Sunday morning service on Radio 4. This has resulted in a marked reduction in comments like, “mumbo jumbo” and “how can educated people believe in this twaddle”. The downside is we have to listen to Saint Aled Jones on Radio 2. Ian has also given up giving up alcohol, resulting in the Rose and Crown’s profits increasing significantly and the hurty heads reappearing in the morning.

My tweet to Archbishop John Sentamu of York. He probably doesn't get many messages from dogs.

So, wot could I give up? The obvious one is chews. I am on about 4 of these a night, but only wen I go out. I’m a social chewer. Biscuits are part of my calorie controlled diet so these are FOOD. I could give up begging for them in the pubs, but the landlords think I am funny and I wouldn’t want to deny them their little bit of pleasure. So wot else. I tried to tweet the Archbishop of Canterbury for advice (honestly), but he blocks tweets from dogs (and nutters). However, Archbishop John Sentamu of York doesn’t block tweets so I have asked his advice. If he responds I’ll let you know.

If you want to tweet me you need to go to https://twitter.com/ozythelabrador . If you don’t have an account with them they will ask you sum questions and you have to make up a name for yourself (like TonyfromRainham or something). Then you can see wot I am thinking on a day to day basis.

Fado, in a rare shot of him sitting still for ten seconds

So wot else has been happening? At the moment I have a French exchange dog staying with me. He is the one wot I visited in France wen I went in the summer. He is a Duck Something-or-other Retriever. Light brown, but can do running and stuff so OK. He has a funny accent and goes round frightening waitresses in the local pubs – typical French! (having said that he did get his tail caught in the door). His owners have a Chombra Dote in the Loire (well not in it but near it). This is like a bed and breakfast but in France and you don’t get bacon and sausages – sounds just like ‘bed’ to me! The place Fado lives is called La Closerie Saint Martin and it is really nice (they’ve got their own wine cellar – Ian had to be pulled out of it last time!)

So, that’s last week. Easter is coming up and we have dog friendly rooms during the holidays, so why not treat yourself to a few days away in lovely Somerset?

Don’t forget we have a midweek dinner, bed and breakfast rate of only £45 per person per night up to Easter (and beyond).

Luv, Ozy

The Old Cider House, Dog Friendly B&B, Nether Stowey, Quantocks, Quantock Hills, Somerset


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