Real Ale and Walking

It’s been a very busy week or so since my last blog and Ian has not been able to type it up for me.

First we had May Day in the Village. This is wen all the people come out to the street and set up stalls. This is great as a lot of these are giving away food and me, being so cute, can usually wangle a morsel of something tasty – and I did, with loads of cheese (every stallholder saying it woz good for dogs) and sum sausage from the nice ladies at White Horse Farm. Then we went to the Rose and Crown where they woz serving Ian’s beer. This woz a really nice light summery beer with lots of hops in it. I thort it tasted like pond water – but then I’m only a dog. Ian liked it and had five pints and talked rubbish all night with his mate Manor from the B&B down the road all evening.

Walk leaders, Ian and me, ready to take 11 women on our Real Ale Walk

Then we had our first Real Ale Walk of the year. These are FANTASTIC not just because of the exercise and getting out in the Quantocks, but because I get paid at the National Minimum Biscuit Rate and wen you’re working ten hours a day, this can work out to be a lot of biscuits. After I have put 20% of the biscuits to one side for tax and eaten ten. This leaves 87 biscuits. Ian has put them in a Tupperware container, so that a mouse doesn’t get them, and I shall eat them later.

We did the Quantock CSI walk wot is a story about a man who lived a long time ago wot murdered his new wife coz she woz ugly and a nag. It appears that you aren’t allowed to do this, even if she is really ugly, and he got hanged. The eleven women on our weekend thort it woz gruesome – you probably are not allowed to murder any of them either even if they talked all the time and made my ears hurt.

Me telling the murder story and Ian translating into human

I also see that a dog won some television show or something with Simon Howl, I think it mite be called Britain’s Got Talons. I don’t watch any television so I didn’t see it, but a friend of Ian’s sent a YouTube clip of it. Right – there is this dog wot can run round a bit and stand on his back legs and he got half a million pounds! That’s 1,288 years’ worth of Eukanuba – can’t see it living that long! I write a blog, do law and do stuff for charitee and get nothing. How’s that fair?

We’ll time to go. If you want to go on a Real Ale Walk then you need to speak to Ian, otherwise you can come and stay with me by speaking to me by e-mail ( or calling Lynne on 01278 732228.

Luv, Ozy

The Old Cider House, Dog Friendly B&B, Quantocks, Quantock Hills, Somerset


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