Diamond Jubilee

Wot a busy time!

Sorry I’ve been away for so long – the last month has been mental with so many visitors and things to do. I dictated my blog last week, but Ian woz too busy to type it wot with going to Court and stuff. I offered to help him, but is seems that the Employment Tribunal Service do not allow dogs into the court rooms.

Quick look away, the Rozzers are on to me! (Olympic Torch Relay)

So – we started off with watching the Olympic Torch Relay go through the Quantocks. Ian had built this up as quite an event, but as far as I could see it woz just a woman runnin’ with an upside down pepper grinder on fire. Wotever, it got me out of the house and I met quite a few other dogs along the way.

Then I got to have a sleep-over at Barky Harvey’s. Lynne and Ian had to go to this posh wedding up in London so they left me with Uncle Biscuit in Kent. This woz FANTASTIC. I slept next to the custard creams drawer in Auntie and Uncle Biscuit’s bedroom and on the Saturday we went to a place called Minster on the Isle of Sheppy. Sheppy is like post war eastern block country – but grimmer and with more people with tattoos wot are really fat. But, being an island it has loads of water round it, which means SWIMMING. And after swimming there’s nothing better than an ice cream.

Ice cream LOVELY

Unfortunately, I woz brought back to Somerset to napkin duty and entertaining the guests and stuff – I suppose you can’t be on holiday all the time. And now it’s the Jew Billy – wotever one of those is. Ian has put flags up in front of the house (left over from the Just Rol Pastry promotion. – he took off the pictures of pies and it looks a bit sad really). We had loads of guests in so any thought of a relaxing bank holiday went out of the window. I also had a surprise visit from my old mate Buster. Buster is from Surrey and is a bit posh (in the same way that Carole Middleton thinks she’s posh), he only drinks Pimms and eats Kettle Crisps and is nearly 14. I went on to the Pedigree ‘calculate you dog’s age in human years’ calculator and, I don’t want to worry him, but it came up with, ‘the specific dog age and breed you selected is currently not available on our PEDIGREE® Dog Age Calculator‘. Awkward!

Jubilee beacon – make sure it doesn’t singe your fur!

So it’s back to the grind.

If you want to visit me and you are under 14, then speak to Ian or Lynne on 01278 732228.


The Old Cider House, Dog Friendly B&B, Somerset


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We write a number of blogs for different reasons. For: Law - contact Ian Pearson 07531 852 229 Dog - contact Ozy The Old Cider House - contact Lynne 01278 732228
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