Running with Longer Legs

Dear Ozy,

Would you care to comment on the allegation that your legs are outside the rules in being too long thus giving you an unfair advantage when chasing Harvey (your Kent cousin).

Indie from Lower Halstow (Kent)

Dear Indie from Lower Halstow (Kent)

This is obviously a question concerning the antics of Oscar Pistorius and the fact that he lost his running race because the other bloke had longer legs, or in this case, blades.

As a Labrador I am quite tall – in fact taller than the average Labrador and I got Ian to measure my legs with the tape measure out of the sewing box. My legs are 34cm from floor to under my arms (wot tickled a bit). Harvey is a basset hound wot has got really short legs. Ian asked Uncle Biscuit, who looks after Harvey, to measure his legs and his are 18cm. Now this is not a question about disability as such (although I think Harvey has sum learning difficulties), but it got me thinking how much longer Harvey’s legs need to be if he was to beat me in a running race.

Harvey’s leg extensions

If Harvey woz to have leg extensions then these would have to be in proportion to his body. The Paralympic officials take two measurements – so I’ll follow their procedure (sort of). The first measurement is from the sternum to the bottom of the legs, then the span between the legs. I’m not sure this last measurement makes any difference as greyhounds are very thin but run very fast (apart from those Ian has ever bet on). Then you do something with those numbers (add them up perhaps) and then increase the final figure by 3.5% because dogs run on their toes rather than heels and toes (I think I may be comparing humans and dogs there – never mind).

This means Harvey needs extensions of 52cm.

Once you have done all this you have to take into account other stuff. I like running and train every day. I also eat Eukanuba wot is a balanced diet. I also get a bit of toast in the morning for doing napkins and stuff and couple of biscuits a day and the odd chew. This is wot I tell Lynne and Ian. Actually I beg loads of food from guests and the tenants. Most mornings I get a bit of sausage and toast WITH butter on it and then scrounging around the tenants I get all sorts of stuff including MEAT. I also catch my own food occasionally and am quite partial to rabbits (wot I eat whole like a boa constrictor) and pheasants. All of this gives me loads of energy.

Smell the ground Luke

Harvey is a bit disabled by his nose. He spends most of his time sniffing stuff and this slows him down. Also he doesn’t eat Eukanuba (apart from wen Ian feeds him). So however long his legs are then he will be slower in my opinion.

However, after seeing Ellie Simmonds in the swimming, I thort Harvey might be better at swimming than me, but no – Harvey doesn’t like the water. Being a Portuguese fishing dog, I am very good at swimming. I am also very modest.

All in all, I think that Labradors are better than running than bassets, but not as fast as greyhounds.

If you want to try to beat me in a race then give Ian or Lynne a call on 01278 732228.

Luv Ozy

The Old Cider House, Dog Friendly Somerset


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