The Name – Labrador, Ozy the Labrador

Today is the launch of the new James Bond film with Spaniel Craig playing 007. Spaniel is now on his third film and I thought I’d look into whether any dogs starred in the 007 films.

Checking on Dogipedia (the site run and edited by dogs) I found there were quite a few films where dogs appear.

Dog caught short on film!

In Thunderball (1965) the Bond, played by Sean Colliery, is running away from SPECTRE in a carnival scene and right in the middle is a dog doing a wee wee. Then there is Moonraker with Drax’s killer dogs. These chase Bond’s pilot into woods and eat her because she has told the Bond about Drax’s plans. Interestingly, most people think the dogs are Dobermans, but they are really Beaucerons, a northern French dog.

Anyone know what film this woz in?

There are dogs in Dr No and Bond and Ursula Undress have to hide under the water (using reeds as snorkels) when a dog patrol searches for them on the beach. This is a rubbish idea as I would have swum out to them (if I had been an actor dog) as Labradors are reely good at swimming. Then there is the film where Bond jumps out of a building and lands by a statue of a dog – but I can’t find out wot film it is. any ideas? …and I nearly forgot there were the Royal dogs with the Queen and the Bond at the opening of the Olympics.

The Queen and James Bond

A search on Twitter has found James Bond Dog he’s reely funny.

Finally, the Britain’s Got Tallons dog is worth a watch again.

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2 Responses to The Name – Labrador, Ozy the Labrador

  1. helen harris says:

    Check out Olate Dogs on You Tube – theres one that does a back flip! seriously!

  2. scottie16903 says:

    Can you remember who was playing Bond? I seem to remember Pierce Brosnan jumping out of a building and landing next to a giant statue of a dog in the pre-credits sequence of ‘The World is Not Enough’. Hope that helps..


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