Snow in the Quantocks

Me in the snow - brrrrrrrh

Me in the snow – brrrrrrrh

It’s been snowing. Not a little bit but loads of the stuff and, I can tell you, when you got a willy so near the ground as mine, you notice these things. In fact Nether Stowey woz the snowiest place in the country according to the Daily Mail and they are not known for their exaggeration or hyperbole on the whole. We had people sleeping in the Village Hall and even the places wot do not normally take dogs had to put people up with their dogs wot had got stranded coz the A39 woz closed. We had the Daily Mail and Grauniad and ITV News here and one of our guests woz interviewed. All very exciting – well for a Labrador that is.

The cat wot turned up and hissed at me

The cat wot turned up and hissed at me

Because of the snow we had to look after a stranded CAT – yes, you heard me right – a CAT. It turned up last week when it was reely cold and stayed for three days. We didn’t reely hit it off. I ignored it and it spat at me (well to start with). ‘Charming’ I thort. Here we are buying Go Cat and cat stuff for you and you hiss at me – talk about ungrateful. Ian made up posters and got the vet to check it over and find out whether it had a chip (it didn’t) and calling the Police. In the end the owner came round – good job I say as Ian would have adopted it otherwise.

I had hoped to get this blog our last week, but Ian has been busy doing seminars on the law. He’s been rehearsing in front of me and to tell you the truth, I don’t understand a word of wot he’s on about. Again, I hoped to have my voice recognition software working but this is proving more troublesome than I expected. For example it can’t tell ‘woof‘ meaning ‘I want to go out’ from ‘woof‘, ‘Let me in’. Wot sort of system is that?

Finally, I need to catch up with a few things from last year – Roger from Melbourne won the ‘Steps’ competition and I finally got round to presenting him with his prize – a Steps CD. As you can see, I’m a bit embarrassed by being photographed with a Steps CD (and Roger).

Roger from Melbourne with his prize - a Steps CD

Roger from Melbourne with his prize – a Steps CD

Well that’s enough for this week. See you in February.

Luv, Ozy

Don’t forget you can come and see me at The Old Cider House, Dog Friendly B&B, Quantocks, Quantock Hills, Somerset.


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