Work Shadowing

How may I help you?

How may I help you?

Lynne has been away visiting her sister (lots of pub visits for Ian and Ozy then!). It seems that her nephew is doing a ‘work shadow’ with his dad as part of his GCSE (General Canine Sertificate of Educashun). So I asked Ian if I could shadow him for the day when he is doing soliciting stuff – so here’s my day:

Got up and gave myself a good lick and put on my best collar and brushed my fur. It’s important to look good in the office – first impressions count! I woz then put into the boot of the Berlingo – I’m sure Lynne’s nephew doesn’t have to travel in the boot – wotz the point of me getting all spruced up!

We got to the office in Taunton – it’s called Amicus Commercial – and the first thing woz to make coffee. Actually the first thing that happened woz that I ran into the office with muddy feet all over the carpet (bad Ozy, bad). Whatever, I don’t drink coffee so I had a good look in the bin in the kitchen to see if there woz anything to eat and I found something wot tasted alright but woz left over from the day before.

Then we had to start work. Ian woz seeing A Client. It seems that A Client asked another man to make something for him and the other man made it but it woz rubbish so A Client wouldn’t pay for the thing so the other man asked the Kort (?) to send a bit of paper to A Client and A Client woz doing another bit of paper back and that wot Ian woz doing. I must admit that I fell asleep and snored under the desk after about five minutes coz it woz sooooo boring and went on for hours.

Then there woz a marketing meeting. This woz FANTSTIC coz it woz over lunch and there were SANDWICHES. Marketing is when you tell people that you are reely good and then they come to you when a Kort sends them a bit of paper.

In the afternoon I did a bit of filing and a few simple letters (mainly conveyancing). Ian doesn’t do stuff about houses and does ’employment’. Actually, it should be called ‘unemployment’ coz all he does all day is get rid of people for either being rubbish or being redundant (wot is another way of saying you are being sacked coz you are rubbish – unless YOU are being made redundant when it’s the fault of HMV or Blockbusters or Jessops).

Then we went home. Wot a load of rubbish working is. Boring, no walks, coffee and that’s about it.

If you would like to shadow me, you can come to The Old Cider House to see how a dog friendly bed and breakfast works. Don’t forget we are in the Quantocks, Quantock Hills, Somerset.

Luv, Ozy


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