News Stories – February

My local pet shop has removed my Adult Large Breed Eukanuba from its shelves while it checks out whether it contains horse. I got Ian to read out the ingredients on the pack and it contains mainly chicken and turkey and some ‘beef pulp’ – DELICIOUS! But no horse and this is a bit of a shame coz I quite like horse.

A few years ago I woz on holiday in France and we had horse burgers – not those Tesco economy ones but real 100% straight from the hoof stuff from the chevalier. It woz reely good and very healthy. So, if you have got any Findus lasagnes in your freezer and you are not happy eating them, send them to me and I will dispose of them for you.

I have stopped sleeping in the bathroom after reading about the man with the sticky legs wot shot his girlfriend coz he thort she was a burglar. This is all a bit strange if you ask me. I’ve got sticky legs and can run quite fast, but I wouldn’t go round shooting people in bathrooms – bad Oscar, bad!

Ian has been insufferable (again). He has been on the radio again with the Emma Briton woman wot does the morning show on BBC Radio Somerset. Having said that, this time he woz talking about dogs and microchipping. You can listen to him droning on about it below.

Now, I am in two minds about this; firstly it seems like a good idea coz if you get lost or something or someone bad steals you (and you haven’t got an Oscar Pistorius to shot them) then the police use a machine to find out who you are and give you back. On the other hand, it seems a bit like you are a number (like the Prisoner) and not a canine. I’ve been reviewing my Canine Rights Act stuff although though poor drafting it doesn’t specifically mention microchipping.

Come to see me at The Old Cider House

Me in the sun – Yes, ‘SUN’!

Finally, a strange thing happened – there woz some sun. I had forgotten wot is woz like, but it was reely nice on my fur. I am predicting that there will be sun for the rest of the year, so what’s stopping you from spending a few days in the UK’s most dog friendly accommodation (Kennel Club 2008)?

Luv Ozy

I promise to get more blogs out from now on. Ian has been busy and my bark-recognition software still needs tweeking. I’m already writing my blog on ‘Applying to be Pope’ – should upset any number of people.


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