I have been on holiday to FRANCE, so that’s why it’s been a week or so since my last blog.

The holiday didn’t get off to a great start as we had to go by ferry rather than the reely fast hydrofoil. This meant that I was in the hold for about seven hours. I felt a bit like Kunta Kinte in Roots. However, I just went to sleep and then we were there.

France woz snowy – well, I say that. There woz a bit of snow by the side of the roads – but you would have thort the four horsemen of the Apocalypse had arrived if you watched French television. They are worse than the Daily Mail at exaggerating things! Whatever, we were going further south to the Loire and there was no snow there.

We stayed in a place called a git and this woz right on the coast so I could go SWIMMING every day. This woz FANTATIC (if not a bit nippy). There were loads of weird animals outside our git (none of which I woz allowed to chase). There woz a dirty great big rat thing called a coypu and then some birds like wot had got a spoon stuck to their beaks. Lynne said they were spoonbills (not a very imaginative name if you ask me), then there were egrets and other non-edible birds and I soon got bored of them.

Ian thought this would make a funny picture - I'm going to kill him!

Ian thought this would make a funny picture – I’m going to kill him!

The best bit (apart from swimming) woz that I could go into restaurants (apart from the reely posh one – I think they saw how scruffy my fur woz and decided I would bring the tone of the place down). This meant that I could taste loads of different food wot I normally don’t get at home. The tête de veau was quite nice. It is made from cows’ heads – serves then right for chasing me around fields if you ask me. I woz also given some ostrich oesophagus chews (very interesting). I wanted to have some horse. Ian tried to fool me by buying me a burger but I saw that it wozn’t from Tesco so it couldn’t be.

Fado wearing a lampshade

Fado wearing a lampshade

Then we went to see some friends in Chinon wot is a lovely place. This is where Fado lives and his owners also run a bed and breakfast (they call them ‘charming dotes’). This woz lovely although Fado had just had his bits cut off so had to wear one of those lampshade things. We had lovely food and I woz even allowed to go into a stately home (shato). I’ve never been into a posh place like this before and, to tell you the truth I go a bit bored, although Ian and Lynne seemed to enjoy themselves.

Me in a shato. Unfortunately, it wasn't real food!

Me in a shato. Unfortunately, it wasn’t real food!

We are now back in the UK and had a busy Easter. Ian says we have some rooms free during the week, so if you want to come and see me, just pick up the phone and call them on 01278 732228 or you can even book on-line at The Old Cider House website.

Next week I am doing a special law blog on the Government’s changes to Beagle Aid – I need to do a bit of research first as I’m not sure why beagles should have got any help to start with.

Luz Ozy


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