BBC Class Calculator – What Class is your Dog?

I know my place - BBC Class Survey

I know my place – BBC Class Survey

I have been attempting to do the BBC Class Survey – you know the Class Calculator that attempts to analyse the modern British class system.

I got Ian to log on for me but unfortunately he managed to log onto the wrong class survey! Ian, YOU ARE AN IDIOT! This one took ages to complete – and I had to lie about my age (and that I woz a dog) and in the end it told me I woz a TREE!

It seems I am a tree!

It seems I am a tree!

After a while we found the proper survey on the BBC site This one woz much easier to complete. This had questions about how much I earned (6.19 bisucuits an hour (National Minimum Bisucuit Rate)), where I lived, how much savings I had (I’m sure HMRC look at this!) wot sort of people I know and if I use social media. At the end of the survey I woz a ‘New Affulent Worker‘. This wozn’t bad as I thort I might be an Emergent Service Worker given my napkin collecting and the fact I use social media. Luckily I wozn’t a Precariat (wotever one of those is). Have a look at the BBC site for details of all these classes.

I am a New Effluent Worker!

I am a New Effluent Worker!

However, the survey wozn’t really designed for dogs and I have a horrible feeling that me entering my details will mess up all future research for young university graduates. So I have designed my own survey which is a bit more dog-centric.

This survey attempts to class all dogs (even stupid ones like Bassets) according to a number of sensible criteria such as; where they live, wot they eat, who their mates are, where they go on holiday etc. It’s really easy to take the survey. Just CLICK HERE FOR SURVEY or use the button.Take the Dog Class Survey

Remember, if you fancy discussing class with a Labrador, then come and visit me at The Old Cider House, Dog Friendly Bed and Breakfast, Nether Stowey, Quantock Hills, Quantocks, Somerset.

Luv, Ozy


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One Response to BBC Class Calculator – What Class is your Dog?

  1. Chris Harrington says:

    Ozy, you ooze class!
    Belated Happy Birthday, hope you were spoilt by Ian and Lynne. Trust they gave you the day off.

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