The Da Vinci Collar

Dan Brown eat your heart out!

Dan Brown eat your heart out!

I wake up, stretch – where am I? The room is clinical; I notice my collar on a chair in the corner, and that smell – yes, I’m in a vets, but where?

A nurse comes in saying something I don’t understand. In fact most of what humans say I don’t understand, but this is different, she’s speaking a funny language. What is it – I know it’s Italian. What a surprise – me, the world famous symbologist and I’m in Italy yet again.

This time I’m trying to stop the spread of a deadly virus and I’ve got to run all around Florence with people wot are trying to catch me. And guess wot – I’ve got to solve loads of puzzles along the way from Dante’s Inferno. Now don’t get me wrong, I quite like running and I’m good at puzzles, but didn’t I do all of this in my first book – Da Itchy Collar, where I woz chased all over Paris by a mad monk wot woz trying to kill me and then there woz Alsatians and Dalmatians where I woz chased all over Venice by the Illuminati wot were trying to kill me, not forgetting The Lost Saluki where I am chased all over Washington DC solving codes along the way with Freemasons trying to kill me

Me breaking the kibbleacci codex

Me breaking the kibbleacci codex.

Wotever, enjoy the new book and if you’re looking for a few quiet and relaxing days away to read the new Dan Brown, Inferno, book – come and stay with me at The Old Cider House, Dog Friendly B and B, Nether Stowey, Quantocks, Quantock Hills, Somerset

Luv Ozy


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2 Responses to The Da Vinci Collar

  1. flowerpot says:

    What an outstanding dog you are Ozy. the world is a safer place with you in it.

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