Holiday with the Old Ones

Once again Ian and Lynne are on holiday and I have asked Alun to type this for me – he’s not very good but until I get my Dragon voice recognition software to work, he’ll have to do. Ian and Lynne have gone to somewhere called Silly, it is part of a country called Italy, wherever that is. They went to climb a mountain called Etna, which evidently is on fire at the top. Why they want to do this I will never know, at least I won’t have to climb it, I don’t like fire and it is going to be very hot and with my black fir I get very warm.

However they have left the ‘Old People’ in charge. (Ian’s Mum & Dad) I like this as they spoil me. I get lots of pats and hugs and I always finish my breakfast with a slice of toast, SMASHING. They took me to the beach GREAT, then we went to Dunster and walked round the shops, BORING. We did a couple of nice walks on the Quantocks. If your dog likes walking and running, then the Quantocks are beautiful this time of the year and not crowded. Then guess what? On Tuesday night Uncle Biscuit (Ian’s brother Gareth), Auntie Biscuit and Barky Harvey arrived. They have come to stay whilst Ian & Lynne are away. This was great and I abandoned the Old People straight away to sleep in their room. They keep biscuits there and other doggy treats, BRILLIANT.

Next day we went to a little café in Kilve called The Chantry, lovely cream teas and things, then we had a long walk along the coastal path. I ran all the way but Harvey has to walk on a lead as he wanders off. That’s the trouble with Bassets, you can’t train them like wot you can me. Then we had a BBQ in the garden, SMASHING as there seemed to be lots of little pieces over for me and Harvey. For two days we went walking and swimming at Blue Anchor. Well I swam and Harvey just ran around barking at me. He’s frightened of the water and just gets his feet wet. To get to Blue Anchor on one of the days we went by Steam Train, the Old People seemed to love this and kept talking of the ‘old times’ whatever that meant. It’s a bit boring on the train but Harvey and I just sat and dozed.

On another day we were taken to a place called Cheddar Gorge, evidently they make cheese here. Again it was a bit boring, we had to traipse round these big caves, in the dark and the floor was wet and cold. Our feet were wet and cold but no-one cared. We also went on a bus ride, but it had no top, I don’t why as it was quite chilly and windy by the time we got off. Still the old people and Uncle & Auntie Biscuit enjoyed it, so that is all that matters.

I have done a little film about me eating ice cream. Here it is…

Remember, if you want to eat ice cream, then the Quantocks is the place to do it. 

Luv, OzyThe Old Cider House, dog friendly B&B, Somerset


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One Response to Holiday with the Old Ones

  1. Di says:

    Love you Ozy Wozy ❤ from the girl up the road who fancies you (Eshta, the lush lookin' Cocker Spaniel with long sexy ears). Warm huggly wugglies from Eshta x

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