CQC and Spending Review

I have been involved in the recent scandal concerning the Canine Quality Commission (CQC) cover up – however I want to make it clear that I did not order the destruction of any documents. However, I may have inadvertently eaten a report about poor care standards.

It seems that there were problems at the Morecambe and Wise hospital, where the ‘Bring me Sunshine’ request was ignored by the Government, resulting in ten months of rain. I have to admit, when I went to Morecambe Bay last September, the weather woz so atrocious that I couldn’t get out to the car, but I didn’t cover this up – I told them that their weather woz rubbish.

We take all complaints very seriously

We take all complaints very seriously

Then there woz the problems at the Mid Staffordshire Bull Terrier Hospital, where lots of dogs got ill coz the vets didn’t look after them properly. I think that a lot of the problems are caused by dogs not having proper insurance (Ian gets mine at Tescos) and they then have to rely on the National Help Service wot is over-stretched. I’m sure that I will get sacked for mentioning all this – in which case I may have to rely on my www.law4dogs.co.uk site.

Today is also the Government Spending Review. George Osbone needs to make £11 billion of cuts. Perhaps his first cut should be the CQC.

I am going to do my bit to help cut costs. Firstly, I am going to eat more leftovers. I have noticed a number of guests have been leaving bits of sausage (not because they’re horrible but just coz they’re too big). Ian tends to throw them in the brown bin wot he then gives to the dustmen (heaven knows wot they do with them). Now, I reckon I could eat these with a few biscuits from the pet warehouse. This would probably save Ian two half portions of Eukanuba a week and at £0.97 a day this is about £50 a year! In addition, Ian gives quite a lot of scraps to the chickens. Chicken food is, like, dirt cheap and I could also eat some of this. Potatoes, left over from breakfast are an obvious foodstuff and I could add these to my sausages. The chickens can still have the tomatoes and salad (yuk) so they will still get some human food and they also eat weeds from the garden and slugs – DISGUSTING!

Ian said, that with all the money we save he will be able to have more pints of beer. I’m not sure this is what the Treasury had in mind.

If you want to come and leave a bit of sausage for a starving dog, come and see me at The Old Cider House, Dog Friendly Bed and Breakfast, Nether Stowey, Quantocks, Quantock Hills, Somerset.

Lov, Ozy

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