I heard on Radio 4 this morning that Chris Greyhoundling, the Justice Secretary, was launching an inquiry into tagging.

Now, this is of interest to me, coz I’ve got a tag and a microchip. However, mine woz put in by the vet rather than G4S or Circusco.

It seems that in humans tags are only put on people if they have been naughty; after they have been tied up in a kennel coz they are dangerous or are subject to a community order coz they’ve barked at someone. However, these companies wot are in charge of putting on the collars have been overcharging and charging for people that don’t need collars or are even dead.

Luckily, I do not have my microchip monitored all the time and the only time someone tries to find it is wen I go on holiday to France. This is good, because sometimes I am so lazy that they might think I am dead due to inactivity.

Of course it is very important for dogs to be tagged whether they are good or bad as it allows them to be given back to their owners should they get lost or perhaps meander out of the garden coz someone has left the gate open. If I wonder off I can usually be found either licking the pavement outside the butchers or inside one of the pubs begging for biscuits.

This is degrading - but it woz nice to see a British win rather than another Scottish defeat!

This is degrading – but it woz nice to see a British win rather than another Scottish defeat!

I did have a slight brush with the law this week as I had to sue Ian for making me wear a ‘Come on Andy’ hat. It wozn’t the hat per se, but the fact that this came out of the Daily Mail and I reely object to wearing hats made out of this paper. This offends against Article 1 (1.4) of the Canine Rights Act

This is a bit of a short blog because I am having to prepare for a Real Ale Walk (I do the walk, Ian does the Real Ale). So I’ll write to you all again next week.

Luv, Ozy (The Old Cider House, Nether Stowey, Somerset)


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