Grey is the New Black

Yes, I know and I am ashamed at how long it has been since my last blog – “forgive me owner for I have sinned”. However, it’s not all my fault.

I am not going grey!

I am not going grey!

Firstly, it has been REELY hot and being black I tend to absorb the heat and this makes me even lazier than normal. Having said that I am black I have noticed that two new colours have started to appear; firstly brown around my bottom. At first I thort this might be, well – you know, er a bit of an accident, but no my fur is definitely going brown. I got Ian to look this up on the Internet and this can be caused by two things either bleaching from the sun or, more likely, dead under fur and it’s called ‘casting’. Thank heavens for that – the thort of turning into a chocolate Labrador doesn’t bear thinking about coz they are a bit dim.

The second colour is grey. Ian says he thinks I look distinguished like George Clooney, I think I’m looking old and have asked Ian if he can buy me some of that Just for Dogs stuff from the chemist. This is not a hair dye it is a ‘dog grooming product designed to bring back life and vitality to tired looking fur’. Wotever, I think I would look a lot younger if I went back to being all black.

I have also been on holiday. I went to Oxfordshire like I did last year and did all the same things I did before (including jumping on the bed at 5.20am). Oxfordshire is FANTASTIC. You can go walking and swimming and eat barbeques and go on picnics. In fact it woz so good I have done a little film:

Am I the new Dogtor Who?

Am I the new Dogtor Who?

Finally, Wen I woz away I woz watching Antiques in the Attic and their woz a trailer for a new Dogtor Who. Now, I know that I’m sworn to secrecy, but I woz in the running as the first canine Dogtor. I shall be tuning in at 7.00pm on Sunday to see if I have been chosen.

Until next time – and I promise to do my next blog by the end of the week (the Sun are doing dog horoscopes!).

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3 Responses to Grey is the New Black

  1. flowerpot says:

    Good to hear from you again, Ozy. Glad you had a good holiday and I think you’d be a fab Dogr Who x

  2. Chris Harrington says:

    Loved the video, hope you had a great time. Ozy, your swimming is much better than mine.

  3. Claire says:

    Ozy. My dog Clay is also black, He’s only two, so has not grey yet. We have told him about ‘Just for Dogs’ and he says that he thinks you’re turning into a vain dog, and that you should accept that with age comes distinction, and a grey muzzle. The next thing you’ll be telling us ‘it’s just a little jowl lift’ or that you’ve ‘just had a little bit of Dogtox’, to soften your expression lines… Grow old gracefully boy !!

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