Making Time to Blog

I have sent Ian on a time management course. He’s always complaining that he hasn’t got time to type my blogs so I thort it would be a good idea to get him trained.

First of all he said that he didn’t have time to go on a time management course, but I told him to make time – wot a misake!

Now he’s gone bonkers, writing everything down, putting stuff in his diary and ‘making time’ for me. He says it’s called NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming. Wot a load of RUBBISH, wot it is is just writing stuff down and then getting on with it. Ian says the reason he didn’t do stuff is because he has built up loads of bad habits and negativity. I think he woz just lazy and disorganised. The only good thing is that he said he would put aside time in his diary every week to type my blog – I see he has 7.30am on Sunday, 20th for the next blog – I’d better think of something to say.

For £100 an hour I expect to allowed on the couch!

For £100 an hour I expect to be allowed on the couch!

The real problem is that Ian now wants to organise me! This is ridiculous. I am a dog. I do NOT do organised. Ian asked me to tell him why I always bark when someone comes to the gate. Answer – coz I am a dog and it is wot we do. Ian said that it is because I have got into the habit of barking and that I need to think that the person at the gate might have a biscuit for me and therefore doesn’t need to be barked at. This is STUPID – I’d bark at them even if they had a biscuit!

I think Ian will give up on trying to organise me soon.

Menace pretending to be ill and using up valuable NHS resources!

Menace pretending to be ill and using up valuable NHS resources!

I also had to act as Nurse Ozy a couple of weeks ago as Ian and Lynne were on holiday (again) and I woz being looked after by Menace and Alan. Unfortunately, Menace had an accident and broke her wrist. This severely curtailed me going to pubs and on long walks – for heaven’s sake it it’s only a wrist – it’s not like she has to walk in it!

Luv Ozy

If you want to learn about NLP and you are a clever dog (like a Labrador), then come and visit me at The Old Cider House, Dog Friendly B&B, Quantock Hills, Someret


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