My Mind is a Blank

Me pretending to be asleep

Me pretending to be asleep

You will remember that last week I sent Ian on a time management course and that he had put ‘typing my blog’ into his diary for 7.30am today. Well – he got up and got me up too! This is too early. I tried to pretend I woz asleep but he woz insistent saying that the reason for me not getting things done woz because of a lack of organisation and that today he had some exercises for me to do. Now, I quite like exercise (walking and running and stuff), but this woz stuff on paper and I don’t do paper (except putting stuff out for recycling).

The first thing I had to do was a ‘mind dump’. This is where you write down everything wot is on your mind. Unfortunately, I misheard wot Ian sed. Luckily he had a poo bag on him.

The next thing woz to do a ‘mind map’. Mind mapping is when you write down something that you want to do and then think of things wot come into your brain related to that idea. This all sounds a bit like modern mumbo jumbo although supposedly woz invented by Aristotle (although he didn’t have flip charts and PowerPoint and had to use sand and sticks). I have chosen ‘Getting my blog done each week’ as the central subject – Ian sez that he thinks he has spotted the reason why I can’t get round to doing my blog and that something else might be on my mind.

There seems to be a common thread!

There seems to be a common thread!

If there’s anything wot you think I should be writing about, please e-mail me – I know that I have the Stableford Scoring System in golf to do for Uncle Biscuit, but other than that my mind is a blank (coz I am a Labrador).

I have also asked Ian to diarise the next session at a more reasonable time!

If you want to mind map with me give Ian or Lynne a call on 01278 732228 or e-mail

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