January is very quiet – Ian says this is really bad coz there is the moregage to pay and ‘those nice people at HMRC’ also want money to give to poor dogs in Liverpool wot sit around and watch Sky TV all day and smoke cigarettes and stuff. Therefore Ian has designated January as ‘Marketing Month’ and I have to come up with my marketing plan for the next 12 months in order to get more dog guests in.

I’ve started by visualising my target audience personas or ‘client profiling’. This is like thinking of a dog guest wot you want to come and stay and then structure your marketing so that they want to come and stay. Personally, I like Labradors coz they are very handsome and clever (especially the black ones). So I have imagined him or her as the ideal guest.

This is a dream I often have.

This is a dream I often have.

So, what would appeal to a Labrador? Answer FOOD – so all my advertising and marketing has to revolve around food. We already give away free home-made biscuits and there’s always a bowl of treats and dog-choc-drops in the hall and we even give dog a free trial pack of Tea for Dogs (personally I think it tastes like wee – but smaller dogs with funny owners might like it). But is this enough? Well, the pubs in Nether Stowey all have biscuits behind the bar (The Rose and Crown and Ancient Mariner) and Bill at the George Hotel has Scooby Snacks wot are reelly nice.

However, Ian has just asked me wot happens if the dog guest is not a Labrador and not completely obsessed with food, like wot I am. Well this is a bit of a problem. We put out walk books for dogs and even poo bags – but it’s difficult to market wen a dog doesn’t eat. I am now going back to my doggie mind-map to see if I can come up with some gud ideas.

So here’s my plan

1) Objectives

To increase the amount of dogs wot stay with us over 2014

2) Product/Service

Ian and Lynne provide a dog friendly guesthouse with two rooms being designated ‘pet friendly’ – the Poets  and Orchard Rooms       

3) Customers

These are humans (mainly) wot have dogs (or even cats) and want to go on holiday with those dogs (and cats).   

4) Competitors and SWOT analysis

There are a few dog friendly places around but we are the nicest.

  • Strengths – well established, reely nice, gud walks and stuff
  • Weakness – I don’t have any weaknesses, I am a strong dog
  • Opportunities – there must be loads of people out there wot want to go on holiday in a nice place
  • Threats – if you don’t come and stay we will beat you up

5) Positioning and USP

I’m not sure I have an usp. I do have a bowl and lead, but honestly have no idea wot an usp is!     

6) Pricing

£3.00 per dog per night – this is reely cheep   

7) Sales & Support

Lynne deals with this sort of stuff. She sits at the square boxy thing in the office and does moving her fingers and then pictures come up on a screen.     

8) Promotion

Lynne puts our name on loads of websites    

9) Budget

We have never had one of these or a parrot  

10) Action Plan

Wot do you think this is?

Luz, Ozy the Labrador, The Old Cider House, Dog Friendly Bed and Breakfast, Somerset


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2 Responses to DOG MARKETING

  1. Ian says:

    Have you tried standing with a sandwich board at Junction 24 of the M5 Oz? For every customer who stops and you persuade to stay with you, you could treat yourself to one of the sandwiches – a win-win 🙂

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