It’s Only Weather

Very funny - ha, ha!

Very funny – ha, ha!

As I am only 14 inches off the ground (I know this coz Ian measured me with the tape measure – it woz like an episode of ‘Are you Being Served‘ and I woz expecting Mr Humphries to mention my bits and Mrs Slocomb’s pussy [see here for some fantastic quotes]) – where woz I…. oh yes….so water levels are very important when your willy is so near the ground and if you believed everything you saw in the Press or on the BBC you would have thought the whole Country was under water.

I live in the Quantock Hills in West Somerset these are 300 metres above sea level. The Somerset Levels are a sparsely populated coastal plain and wetland area of reclaimed land consisting of coastal clay and peat and most of the area is at mean sea level. They grow willow and teasel there as well as grass coz it is WET and always has been. Now don’t get me wrong if you’ve got loads of water around your bits for weeks on end you’re going to be a bit cheesed off, but this doesn’t mean that Somerset is closed for business.

In 1919, 70,000 acres (283 km²) were flooded. In 1872/3, 277 km² was underwater from October to March. This year 65 km² was flooded, but they didn’t have Sky News in 1919 or 1872. And on that point, the number of journalists in the Levels far outnumber the population at the moment. The areas that are flooded are spectacular – with water as far as you can see. However, this was how it used to look and proposals were being considered to return the area to a couple of inland seas before the latest flooding.

Sunday, 16th February 2014 - Kilve Beach in the sun

Sunday, 16th February 2014 – Kilve Beach in the sun

Today is a lovely early spring day. The sun is shining and Lynne, Ian and I are off to Kilve Beach for a walk in the north of the Quantocks. Other than that it’s WEATHER – get over it as we’ll be moaning about the drought in the summer and climate change and the fact that we’re all doomed.

The people wot run hospitality businesses in the South West have seen visitor numbers drop by 65% this year. It’s up to you sensible people to spread the news that we’re open for business and looking forward to seeing a few guests – although I suggest you bring a brolly.

See you soon and don’t worry if you are a short dog as you can be carried over any puddles.

Luv, Ozy – The Old Cider House, Nether Stowey (70 metres above sea level), Somerset – Dog Friendly Hotel


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4 Responses to It’s Only Weather

  1. chloemee0505 says:

    Very well said Ozy. It’s Britain, we are a storm lashed island in the Atlantic, it’s winter, it gets wet! Which is not to say that I am not very sad for the people and animals affected by flooding but it’s turned into a media and politician feeding frenzy. We are coming to Cornwall in April and Devon in May and it will be luvverly, we can’t wait, love from lickle Chloe and her Mum xxx

    • Dear Chloe,
      Thank you for your sensible comments. When you come down to the West Country why not come and stay with me here at the Old Cider House in Nether Stowey. We are very dog friendly here with lots of nice walks and dog friendly pubs. We are not far from the M5 so good for a stopover on your way to Devon or Cornwall. See my owners website for details

      Thanks again hope to meet you sometime.
      Luv Ozy

  2. Sassydog says:

    Nice to hear the perspective of a doggy who actually lives there, Ozy. We live in Plymouth where we get lots of horizontal rain, so, although we’re not flooded, we’re used to very wet weather! My mum is always on the look out for dog friendly hols (when she can convince my dad to take time off) so I’ll tell her to put you on her list,

    Luv Pops xx

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