Busy in Nether Stowey

Wot a week! I can’t remember one being so busy – and I’m supposed to be semi-retired like Lynne and Ian are.

It started with the Nether Stowey May Fair. This is fantastic with loads of stalls with local food and drink, all at nose height. I woz lucky enough to meet my old mate Paul George from BBC Radio Somerset who was helping out on the Charlie Taylor programme. Paul allowed me to have my photo taken with him and I’m thinking of having this run off and getting him to sign it for me. Then I got a MENTION! I didn’t know about this at the time but someone told me in the pub that he’d heard me in YEOVIL, wot is miles away – I didn’t think my bark woz that loud.


Lynne went away for a few days so I had to look after Ian and make sure that he kept hydrated by taking him to the pub for beers. Ian got very hydrated on Sunday night! This together with loads of Cornish pasties meant he had a well-balanced diet (and I got the crusts).

Me being polite and shaking hands with Jayne

Me being polite and shaking hands with Jayne

Then Ian woz short staffed at work so I had to go in to help him with a few simple Settlement Agreements and a bit of moving pieces of A4 paper from one wastepaper bin to another. I woz formally introduced to his colleague Jayne and had my photo taken shaking hands/paws. She does divorce stuff and sorts out who gets the puppy when people split up.

Finally, I have had quite a few answers to last week’s Sudoku competition and have been contacted by the Daily Telegraph’s crossword compiler, Kate Mepham – who is very clever. So here’s the answer, very nicely drawn by Glennys.

Easy Peasy

Easy Peasy

I am looking forward to a more relaxing week next week and you can join me for a relaxing week too by contacting me at woofwoof@theoldciderhouse.co.uk or speaking on the telephony thing 01278 732228.

Luv Ozy, The Old Cider House, Dog Friendly B&B, Quantocks, Quantock Hills, Somerset


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