Ozy on Drugs

Next month I will be thirteen and, according to the Pedigree dog age calculator I shall be 96 in human years. This is worrying for two reasons. Firstly, 96 is reely old and secondly the Pedigree dog age calculator doesn’t have a human equivalent for fourteen years – perhaps they are trying to tell me something!

As I am getting on a bit Ian took me to the vets yesterday for my annual MOT.

I do not like the vets. It’s full of sick dogs and cats and the vet smells funny. It’s the same abroad and French and German vets smell the same – ‘funny’.

Wotever, the vet said that I was very fit with just a few lumps and bumps and very slim – however, I could do with sum drugs.

Now I am usually very anti drugs – I have seen how they have ruined dogs’ lives; dogs hooked on caninebis and cockercaine. Just look at any farm collie wot is completely mad because of eating too much cow poo wot is full of antibiotics. Then there are the dangers of LSD – large stupid dogs.

However, the drugs wot the funny smelling vet gave me are not hard drugs they are for making your back legs work better. It’s got stuff like glucosamine and vitamins in it. The only problem is that it tastes DISGUSTING! So I spit out the capsules or try to leave the bits of food that Ian has sprinkled the stuff on.

Ian has also got a bad taste in his mouth – the vet’s bill woz £93.

See my video below or CLICK HERE

So until next time – keep well and don’t forget to visit me at The Old Cider House.



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One Response to Ozy on Drugs

  1. Dave Merry says:

    Never mind Ozy I have been on them glucosamine pills they are fantastic. Your looking great a but grey round the muzzle, but hey so am I. Give our love to Lynne and Ian.

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